35 Daily Affirmations for Kids to Boost Little Ones’ Confidence

Words have an incredible ability to build people up—especially kiddos. Teach your child some of these feel-good phrases to boost your their self-esteem.
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Updated December 4, 2020

You’re probably familiar with the concept of daily affirmations—short mantras you can repeat to yourself for a more positive outlook on life. Turns out, they’re not just for grown-ups. You can teach your toddler or preschooler to use these feel-good phrases too and watch their self-esteem flourish.

Benefits of Affirmations for Kids

Hearing little kids say powerful affirmations isn’t just heartwarming and adorable. Experts agree that affirmations can help young children feel confident and cultivate a positive self-image. “Positive verbal praise is an incredible encourager for little ones, and when the praise is about their unique traits, you can see their sense of self blooming,” says Christina Furnival, LPCC, a child and family counselor and mom of two. “A child will think, ‘my parents think I’m kind, caring, smart, funny and lovable, so I must be!’”

Affirmations for kids are also a way to help them cope when they’re feeling upset, scared or just straight up overwhelmed. “You can help remind your child of their abilities or strengths with an affirmation during a negative situation to help your child regain a state of calm,” Furnival says. An affirmation like “I can do anything” just might help your tot keep their cool when they’re, say, struggling to dress themselves or having a hard time waiting their turn.

To help your child get the most from affirmations, have them practice the phrases during a neutral time when they seem calm and receptive. “You could use the mirror during a quiet moment in the morning to have your child practice saying the affirmations to themselves, or you could highlight your child’s strength throughout the day and do a recap over dinner where they repeat their strengths back to you,” Furnival suggests. Pick a few go-to phrases and stick with them—kids thrive on repetition!—and get in the habit of saying them regularly. If you have trouble remembering at first, try setting an alarm on your phone. Before long, you might find that your toddler or preschooler is repeating their esteem-boosting affirmations completely unprompted.

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35 Daily Affirmations for Kids

What kinds of affirmations are good for toddlers or preschoolers? The best ones are short, just a sentence or two, Furnival says. The words should be straightforward too—no need for big words or flowery language. Need some ideas? Here are 35 simple affirmations that can have a powerful impact on your child.

“My feelings matter.”
“I believe in me.”
“I like myself.”
“I’m going to have a good day.”
“I choose to feel happy.”
“I like to help my family.”
“I have the words I need.”
“My brain is powerful.”
“I love to solve problems!”
“I like to keep trying, even when things are hard.”
“I learn from my mistakes.”
“Every problem has an answer.”
“I am the only me in the whole world.”
“My family loves me so much!”
“My voice matters.”
“I am always moving forward.”
“I can adapt to anything.”
“I get better and better every day.”
“I care about others.”
“I am never alone.”
“I have great ideas.”
“I am surrounded by love.”
“I am everyone’s friend.”
“I am my own person.”
“I always share.”
“I am kind.”
“I am smart.”
“I am loving.”
“I am unique.”
“I am helpful.”
“I am calm.”
“I am strong.”
“I am thankful.”
“I am joyful.”
“I have everything I need.”

Published January 2020

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