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Babar themed birthday party, detail of babar story drawings hanging from fireplace.
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Anisa Arsenault
Associate Editor

5 Classic Children’s Book-Inspired Birthday Parties You’ll Adore

You can’t go wrong with a classic (sorry Frozen). We rounded up five truly original and timeless storybook-inspired festivities fit for any little prince or princess in your life. Now let’s get this party started!

The Little Prince: The Royal Table

Your little guy deserves a celebration fit for royalty. But it’s your guests who will be blown away by a floral arrangement (made with inexpensive blooms like white carnations) like this.

Photo: Story By Mia

The Little Prince: Cake Smash

Thanks to these adorable cake toppers, the boy from asteroid B-612 can be your guest of honor.

Photo: Story By Mia

The Little Prince: The Topper

Crash landings have never looked so cute or celestial thanks to these star-shaped cupcake ornaments.

Photo: Story By Mia

The Little Prince: Post Haste

Even the invitation can tell a story, like this elaborate accordion invite that unfolds to reveal delightful illustrations.

Photo: Story By Mia

Where the Wild Things Are: They’re Fur Real

Let the wild rumpus start! And let your guests know it with a monster fur-lined invite.

Photo: Nikki Berry

Where the Wild Things Are: Crowning Glory

A two-tier cake with a fondant crown would usually steal the show. But not when there’s an origami forest backdrop.

Photo: Nikki Berry

Where the Wild Things Are: Pop ‘Ems

Crowned cake pops? Fondant triangles turn run-of-the-mill treats into the “kings of all wild things.”

Photo: Nikki Berry

Where the Wild Things Are: Cookie Monsters

Send all your small party animals packing with these adorable Wild Things cookies sealed in quotable gift bags.

Photo: Nikki Berry

Curious George: For a Monkey King

These invites are so on-theme, we have to wonder if they came from The Man with the Yellow Hat himself.

Photo: Melanie Sweeney via Project Nursery

Curious George: Cookie Cutter Cute

The reward for being curious? These monkey mischief cookies all wrapped and ready to be eaten by party goers, big and little.

Photo: E&S Paper Studio

Curious George: Now That’s Bananas

Because there’s no rule that a monkey party requires bananas at the snack table. Instead, fill a tiered stand with bite-sized chocolate and vanilla-frosted cupcakes perfect for little mouths and hands.

Photo: E&S Paper Studio

Curious George: Adorably Etiquette

Subtle placemats compliment the theme while dressing it up.

Photo: E&S Paper Studio

Willy Wonka: Golden Ticket

Are you going to pass up this opportunity to send out these famed, coveted invites? No, no you’re not.

Photo: Crackers Art & Design

Willy Wonka: Candy Craze

Chocolate river backdrop and all, it looks like Wonka's entire chocolate factory made it to this party.

Photo: Crackers Art & Design

Willy Wonka: Toothpick Toppers

Would it even be a party without some Oompa Loompas?

Photo: Crackers Art & Design

Willy Wonka: Tipping the Scale

Maybe you can’t deliver on the golden goose, but the golden eggs you can handle.

Photo: Crackers Art & Design

Babar: Hanging Out

Is this elephant off on his next adventure? Paper lanterns are easy alternatives to balloons.

Photo: Buena Lane Photography

Babar: A Weighty Job

Babar is rolling up to this party in style. Bring personality to the table with napkin weights.

Photo: Buena Lane Photography

Babar: Clip Art

Bring your theme to life with a homemade banner of storybook scenes.

Photo: Buena Lane Photography