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Creative First Birthday Party Themes

Baby probably won’t remember his first birthday party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out (after all, parents need to celebrate making it through this first year, right?). These fun, colorful themes take planning to the next level. Pin away!

Away We Go!

A mix of big and little toy planes used as décor give the birthday boy or girl something to play with after the party. Plus, it’s got vintage charm for the adults to enjoy.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ GiggleHearts.com



She’s a Wild One

Your one-year-old who is obsessed with animals and the sounds they make will get a kick out of this zoo-themed party. Get ready for a wild time!

_Photo Courtesy of: _ MyPerfectParty.com


Little Birdie

A sweet bird theme is shabby chic, and super girly.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ ProjectNursery.com



Race Cars

Get ready for a birthday race! If you’ve got a race-car-lovin’ baby who loves to “vroom” just about anything he can get his hands on, this is the party for you. He’ll go crazy for all the car-themed accessories (and how about the track-themed snacks?).

_Photo Courtesy of: _ GwynnWassonDesigns.com


Peter Pan’s Party

Edible gold-dipped snacks (like cake pops, cupcakes and strawberries) help bring the Peter Pan theme to life — and baby can wear a green cap just like Peter.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ AmyAtlas.com




Bath-time Fun

Keep the theme of the party baby-centered — what baby isn’t into bath toys? This blue and yellow rubber ducky décor is adorable for a backyard bash. Fill up a kiddie pool with water and some bath gear and voila, a party fit for splashing toddlers.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ ALittlePolkaDot.blogspot.com



The Original Sock Monkey

We love the vintage, retro Sock Monkey theme because it’s something you can reminisce about from your own childhood. Bright sock monkeys offer plenty of design inspiration. Bonus: The centerpiece monkey becomes a toy for baby.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ BelvaJune.com



Mustache Extravaganza!

I mustache you. Yes, babies are jumping on the mustache bandwagon. Mini bowties, mustaches and even tutus (for girl guests!) make for adorable pictures. Have a photo booth or snap pictures yourself to email later to guests with a thank you note.

Photo Courtesy of: BelvaJune



The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This book’s bright colors inspire a vibrant backdrop. Use circles and primary colors to decorate your space. Create a “story-time” and read the book for the kids, then celebrate with mini caterpillar cupcakes.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ EMS-Brainstorm.blogspot.com



Sweet Little Elephant

There’s just something special about a baby elephant-themed party. Maybe it’s because the animals are so emotional and sensitive (just like us!), or maybe it’s because they’re pretty darn adorable (kind of like baby!). Whatever it is, this party theme will be a huge hit.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ SpaceshipsAndLaserBeams.com



Baby’s First Bee-Day

Sweet as honey? Yep, sounds about right. This idea is so bright and cheery. If you want to take the theme to the next level, ask guests to come wearing yellow and make little antennae for guests using black and brown pipe cleaners.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ KarasPartyIdeas.com




Mini Monster Mash!

No scary monsters here! This colorful combination of bugs, monsters and one-eyed creatures will please any party guest. For a sillier take on things, keep a “prop shelf” loaded with tons of masks, extra eyeballs and crazy wigs. You’ll absolutely love posing for photos with baby in these crazy outfits.

_Photo Courtesy of: _ HostessWithTheMostess.com




Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Dr. Seuss is a crowd-pleaser for everyone (of every age!), so we love the idea of starting baby off on the right foot. Seuss’ books are filled with such color, imagination and imagery (and plenty of humor!), you won’t have to worry about guests enjoying themselves at all. Plus, read _Oh, The Places You’ll Go _— it foreshadows all the great things ahead for baby!

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