10 Fun Ways to Propose to Your Baby’s Godparents

“Will you be my godparents?” Here’s how to ask the big question in style.
ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
September 17, 2020
newborn being held by its godparent
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You staged an epic pregnancy announcement, planned a unique gender reveal and had a Pintrest-worthy baby shower. The next major milestone you can get excited about is popping the big question on behalf of baby: Will you be my godparents? After you’ve thought long and hard about how to choose a godparent, the fun part comes next—a godparent proposal. It’s the latest trend taking millennial moms and dads by storm, and for good reason. It’s exciting to come up with unique godparent gifts to make the moment all the more memorable. Need some inspiration? Check out some fun ways to stage a godparent proposal below.

1. Write Out Loud

You probably have a lot you want to say to your baby’s godparents, but voicing it isn’t always easy. Don’t sweat it. Set aside some time to jot down a touching godparent proposal letter. Be as serious or silly as you want. If you’re an expectant parent, you can either pen a sweet note from yourself or write it in the voice of your baby-to-be—or, if your child is already a toddler or preschooler, help them put their feelings for those special role models into words. You can write out these thoughts in a store-bought card, or add an extra touch with personalized stationery.

2. Photo Fun

A picture is worth a thousand words. Gift your child’s godparents a picture frame or photo album to fill with milestone memories through the years. If you’ve already welcomed baby into the world, make a collage of photos with your little one and their godparents. But if baby is still on the way, start planning ahead. Make sure you capture some cute pictures of baby with them when they’re newborn, and turn the photos into godparent gifts when you’re ready to pop the question.

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3. Godparent Proposal Box

Keepsake boxes are the perfect godparent gifts, especially for friends and family who live far away. It’s an easy way to present a bunch of different mementos—letters, photos, treats and more—all in one place. DIY your own box and fill it with touching tokens to express your gratitude, or choose a pre-made godparent proposal box with all the essentials needed to make the moment memorable.

4. Accesorizable Announcements

Sentimental jewelry also make for great godparent gifts. Nothing says “will you be my godmother?” like a beautiful godparent bangle with touching sayings or sweet inscriptions and charms. If necklaces and chains are more their style, go with something simple but sweet or a dog chain they can wear around their neck.

Perhaps that special someone isn’t one for glitz and glam. If that’s the case, a touching keychain can be a go-to gift. While they won’t be able to wear it, the sweet reminder of their godchild will still be near and dear to them as they head to and fro home every day.

5. Home Décor

Part of what makes a house a home are the little trinkets sprinkled throughout to remind us of the ones we love. Gift those special figures in baby’s life with throw pillows or wall art they’ll cherish forever. Knickknacks with sweet sayings will capture the tight-knit bond, and you can easily find something cute in a pinch by browsing a local homegoods store. Personalized plaques and wall art will add a sentimental touch to any home.

6. Raise a Glass

Sip, sip, hooray! What better way to mark a celebration than with a fine wine and raised glass. Stage a godparent proposal over an intimate dinner, and pop a personalized bottle of champagne when you ask the question. Add an extra-special touch with an engraved champagne flute. If a fancy dinner isn’t up your alley, you can keep it simple by gifting a godparent bottle opener they can keep in their back pocket.

7. Hidden Message

Why so serious? Although asking someone to be a godparent is no small feat, you can still have fun with your godparent gifts. Create a custom puzzle with a message or photo of baby for friends and family to decode. It’ll be exciting to watch their reaction as they slowly piece it all together. Another way to up the ante is with a sweet card holding a hidden message. Watch their faces light up as aunts, uncles or friends scratch off the secret question in the card. You can even go old-school and send a message in a bottle that asks, “will you be my godparents?” Not only is it a super-unique godparent proposal, but it can also be put on display in living rooms or homes for years to come.

8. Adorable Attire

Get in touch with your silly side and suit baby’s godparents up with punny tees. There are so many funny tops to choose from, and you can even make it inspired by their favorite movie, like The Godfather, Star Wars or Cinderella. Plus, a matching outfit for baby and the godparent-to-be creates a picture-perfect proposal. Stop by for a visit with baby wearing a godchild onesie, and gift your friend or family member with the same adult-sized top.

9. Piece of Cake

Whether your baby’s godparents-to-be are known for their sweet tooth or baking just so happens to be your love language, no one can turn down a tasty treat. Custom-made cookies that say “will you be my godparents?” add a delicious touch to any godparent proposal.

Take it up a notch and make a day out of it by signing up for a local cake-decorating, pastry-making or baking class. As the class is wrapping up, decorate your sweet treat so it asks the big question. Then you can celebrate over coffee and your freshly baked sweets!

10. Make Scents

We associate so many sweet memories with distinct smells, so why not gift your baby’s godparents with a scent they’ll always associate with your little one? You can shop from hundreds of different candles until you find one that’s just right. For the finishing touch, attach a DIY candle label to announce their newly minted titles.

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