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Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA
Lactation Specialist

Q&A: How Do I Get More Sleep?

I need sleep. How can I get my baby to take more milk during the day (at childcare) so she doesn't wake up hungry during the night? Does it work that way?

Not exactly. Most babies really do need some milk during the night to grow and thrive, especially during the first six to nine months. But there is also another dynamic at work called “breast storage capacity.” This is the amount of milk you can comfortably store at one time in your breasts, which varies among mothers. Because milk production slows as your breasts become full, if you have an average or smaller breast storage capacity (which is unrelated to breast size), your baby sleeping all night could cause your milk production to slow. So your ability to cut back on night feedings depends in part on your baby and in part on you.

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