Moms Are Spending Big Bucks on Baby’s Skincare

BySarah Yang
Mar 2017
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Some moms splurge more for baby’s skincare products than they do for their own beauty products! That’s because they’re paying special attention using premium baby skincare products with minimal chemicals, like natural and organic brands. According to The New York Times, reports show that sales of premium baby care in the United States have increased 68 percent from 2005 to 2010. There are a lot more options for premium baby skincare — more brands like Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, Sephora’s Lavanila and MD Moms have debuted in recent years.

The Times Reports that baby’s health has become synonymous with luxury — all these brands have attractive packaging and are a lot more expensive than regular drugstore brands. That’s because the natural ingredients they’re made with are pricier than the synthetic kind. But a lot of moms believe these products are necessary for baby’s well-being. One mom was quoted as saying she spends about $150 a month on Mustela and California Baby products for her three-year-old twins — more than she spends on herself.

What kind of skincare products do you buy for baby? Do you splurge for natural products?

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