One Mother’s Advice for Feeding Baby — Do Your Research

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January 30, 2017
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This sponsored post was written by Audrey McClelland, a Tommee Tippee ambassador. Audrey is a mother of four boys and is expecting a baby girl this summer, she is also a founder of the website

When I became a first time mom back in 2004, I wasn’t prepared for how difficult the feeding process would be.  I was all prepared to breastfeed, had everything set and ready to go for my baby-boy-to-be… and then when he arrived, everything I planned went out the window.  I had 2 issues, William wasn’t latching and I wasn’t producing enough milk.

It was devastating to me.  My “perfect” plan suddenly became something that wasn’t working out. The more I spoke with other mothers, the more I realized that every mother worries about feeding when their babies are born… “Are they eating enough?” “Is everything working?” “Am I doing everything correctly?” From breastfeeding to pumping to bottles… there are dozens of questions for every mom. I remember keeping a notebook that I popped into my diaper bag outlining all of William’s feedings… how long he ate and how much he ate. I was that nervous and worried about him getting enough nutrients and food in his body.

And then… well, I went on to have my 2nd, 3rd and 4th baby boys… and each boy seemed to have their own little feeding woe.  My 3rd son Benjamin was our most difficult because he had horrible acid reflux. Everything he ate, he spit up. It was such a difficult thing to see and to deal with as a mom. We must have switched bottle brands 2 or 3 times to try and see if maybe that would help the reflux.  Eventually it all worked itself out and we were fine, but it was a tough time in our life.

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Now being pregnant with our 5th baby, I’m calm about everything. I know that I shouldn’t expect perfection and that each baby is their own little being and will have their own little eating habits.  The best advice I can give any mom-to-be and new mom out there is to do your research.

I’m happy to say that I’ve already begun the research process for my little girl-to-be. Tommee Tippee has impressed me across the board. From breast pumps to bottles that actually have patented nipples that give a natural flex, feel, and mimic the movement of breastfeeding. One bottle I am truly excited to have in my feeding arsenal is the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Added Comfort bottle. It has a patented air venting system that was scientifically tested to reduce air within the milk. This is something that will cut down on the potential spit-ups and gas. Also, with a super wide-neck design for easier latch on, I won’t worry about her losing that stimulation.

As much as I know the feeding process can be a tough thing when baby arrives, it’s something we can all get through together.

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