Philips AVENT Natural Polypropylene Bottle Review

This easy-to-use bottle features a nipple and flow that mimic the breastfeeding experience and help reduce gas.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• Breast-like mound
• Designed to reduce colic

• The bottle sometimes leaks

Bottom Line
The Philips Avent Natural Polypropylene Bottle is an easy-to-clean, easy-to-use update of a family favorite and is as close to the breast as anything I’ve used.

Rating: 4 stars

Image: Philips Avent


I found Philips Avent Natural Polypropylene Bottles to be a really nice update to the Avent line. They have very few parts, so they’re great for middle of the night, on the go or when exhaustion strikes and you can’t tell up from down. With other brands, I found so many parts to be excessive and easy to forget in my tired, zombie-like state. Another perk of this bottle is the obvious similarity to a natural breast, which made for an easy transition when we started to supplement with formula. Also, while many other nipples seem to easily deflate or become misshapen, the Avent silicone nipple has an internal petal design that makes it flexible and comfortable for baby without compromising sturdiness.


When I ended up having to supplement in the hospital because of milk production issues, these bottles were among the only ones our daughter would consistently take without any problems. I had been really concerned our daughter would get used to a plastic nipple and not want the real thing, but Avent quelled my fears. Maybe it’s psychological, but with the wide mound it just looks like the breast, and she seems to take to both the same way. With other bottles, her latch looked different, and she had a more awkward time finding her groove. My gassy, fussy baby seems more comfortable thanks to these bottles, so they definitely live up to their anti-colic claims. The trade-off, however, is that they occasionally leak from the cap area, but slightly less than the Philips Avent classic bottles.

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I really like the short and wide ergonomic bottle design instead of the traditional long and lean one. It feels more compact and less cumbersome. Although the only downside is they may not always fit in cup holders or the bottle pocket in a diaper bag. I also appreciate that there are only four pieces to assemble (the bottle, ring, nipple and cap) that fit together logically. Other bottles I’ve used have miscellaneous pieces that boast gas reduction, but my colicky baby has never benefited from those other brands’ “magical” parts and valves.


Philips Avent Natural Polypropylene Bottle is a compact alternative to the traditional size bottle. Its easy-to-use, four-piece design makes putting together bottles effortless, and the nipple, which holds its shape, seems to reduce our fussy baby’s gas. Though some might dislike the bottle shape, I like the fact that it seems more natural, with a nipple shape and flow that resembles the breast. I’ve been generally very happy using these as my everyday bottles. The bad news? I’ve had a few leaks. I wish I could figure out why, but it happens from time to time! But what’s a few more stains anyway, right?

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