28 Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

Finding the best baby shower favor ideas has never been easier—or more fun!
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By Emma O'Regan-Reidy, E-Commerce Editor
Updated July 20, 2022
unique baby shower favors 2022
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If you thought coming up with a spot-on baby shower theme, finding the perfect invitations and scoping out the most Pinterest-worthy decor and food was tough, you clearly have yet to fall into the rabbit hole of choosing baby shower favors. There a trillion items to pick from, and shower host wants to dole out lackluster favors. Relax—we’ve got you covered: From personalized picks to adorable ready-made treats, we’ve gathered the best baby shower favor ideas guaranteed to thrill your guests. (You’re welcome!)

What Makes for Good Baby Shower Favors?

When choosing unique baby shower favor ideas, the possibilities are endless–and entirely up to you. You could start by sourcing cute products that align with your baby shower’s theme. This way, you can add to your celebration’s ambience–whether that be safari, garden, rustic or any aesthetic in between–while also saying “thanks” to your guests. If you’re dreaming of a whimsical soirée that won’t break the bank, cheap baby shower favors will be your new best friend. But just because they have a lower price tag doesn’t mean they won’t look the part. Check out these handmade candle favors, for instance–perfect for a woodland-themed celebration. Hosting a drive-by or virtual baby shower? Printable flower crowns or individually shipped gift boxes could be the way to go. Not sure where to begin when it comes to sourcing stand-out baby shower favors? No worries, we’ve picked out the top retailers to make your planning experience as seamless as possible. Etsy reigns supreme for personalized baby shower favors complete with handmade flair. Online shops such as Amazon, KateAspen and Evermine also offer fun gift options in a variety of styles that can add to your event’s charm.

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Unique Baby Shower Favors

Want your celebration to stand out? You can count on these unique baby shower favors to highlight your event’s one-of-a-kind style.

Image: NiniCakesBakery/Etsy

Elephant baby shower cookie

Whether you’re hunting down elephant baby shower favors for a safari-themed gathering, or just looking for a hands-down adorable treat to give to guests, these custom cookies are sure to end the party on a sweet note. And thanks to the customizable color scheme, they make great gender-neutral baby shower favors.

Buy it: Elephant baby shower cookies, 6 for $35,

Image: buybuyBABY

16-count baby shower tattoos

Next up, we have a pack of baby shower-themed temporary tattoos that are sure to make your get-together memorable. Who wouldn’t want to say they got inked at a baby shower? While this selection is geared toward parents-to-be expecting a boy, there’s also a pack for those with a little girl on the way. Not only are these unique baby shower favors, but they’ll also make for fun photos if you and your loved ones apply them during the party.

Buy it: 16-count baby shower tattoos, $8,

Image: Oreo

Customized Oreos

Custom-made Oreos? Yes, please! Choose from white, blue or pink, or go with birthday cake-flavored creme to start designing your personalized pick. From there, you can select a chocolate dip, vibrant sprinkles and a celebratory message to add to your unique creations. Photos can also be printed on to the cookies for an extra-special finishing touch. And when the party’s over, none of these unique baby shower favors will be left behind!

Buy it: Customized Oreos, starting at $3,

Image: GiveItPretty/Etsy

A baby is brewing baby shower favor bag

This baby shower favor is perfect for coffee-loving hosts. We adore its chic minimalist design; they’re bound to look beautiful in gift bags or artfully arranged on a table. Better yet, each bag can be personalized with a name and the celebration’s date. If coffee isn’t your go-to, these bags can easily be filled with your favorite tea blend.

Buy it: A baby is brewing baby shower favor bag, 20 for $40,

Image: flowerseedpaper/Etsy

Onesie shape baby blooms seed paper

These unique baby shower favors are ideal for springtime festivities. Snapdragons, petunias and poppies are just a few of the flowers that can blossom from these wildflower seed papers. The onesie-shape design is embellished with floral illustrations and bouncing typography–what’s not to love? For added cuteness, consider placing them in sweetly decorated mini terracotta pots.

Buy it: Onesie shape baby blooms seed paper, 12 for $14,

Image: breezycoco/Etsy

Baby elephant bath bomb favors

Give your loved ones the gift of bathtime bliss with these unique baby shower favors. The baby-elephant-shaped bath bombs are super cute and vegan, and–according to buyers–they smell amazing. Available in three aromatic scents and pastel colors, you can coordinate them with your event’s theme. As a thoughtful touch, personalized gift tags can be tied to each organza bag.

Buy it: Baby elephant bath bomb favors, 5 for $15,

Image: EllaJaneCrafts/Etsy

Hot chocolate baby shower favors

Hosting a winter wonderland occasion? Then cozy baby shower party favors are the way to go! These individual hot chocolate kits will fit the bill––especially if you’re planning a rustic-themed event. We love the mason jar packaging, complete with a personalized label and a checkered ribbon. Choose from classic chocolate, white chocolate or peppermint mixes, each topped with mini marshmallows––yum!

Buy it: Hot chocolate baby shower favors, 6 for $24,

Image: Evermine

Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Can’t get enough of bespoke gifts? Then these personalized baby shower favors are guaranteed to bring joy. Better yet, your guests will have a customized memento to remind them of your special celebration time and time again.

Custom burlap favor hang tags

With these hang tags, you can personalize any aspect of your celebration. Small bouquets, gift bags and treat boxes are just a few baby shower party favor ideas that they could embellish. Dreaming of a vintage-inspired event? These burlap hang tags are sure to add to your desired aesthetic. They’re also available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Buy it: Custom burlap favor hang tags, 36 for $40,

Image: Kate Aspen

Personalized 15 oz stemless wine glass

Say “cheers” as you celebrate your bump with these stemless wine glasses. Whether they’re filled with sparkling champagne, a botanical-infused mocktail or a palate-pleasing lemonade, these personalized baby shower favors are sure to spark joy. We love how many design options there are to choose from, allowing you to put your stamp on these unique baby shower favors. They can be used by guests throughout the party or packaged in cute gift bags for loved ones to take home.

Buy it: Personalized 15 oz stemless wine glass, starting at $3,

Image: fanushome/Etsy

Unique lollipop favors

Sweeten your celebration with this baby shower party favor idea! These unique lollipops are ideal for summertime or garden-themed events, thanks to their floral motifs. Each handmade candy can be personalized with your name or a sentimental word of your choosing, making them delightful party favors for baby showers. Once you’ve decided on a style, be sure to pick your favorite flavor. Options include mango, strawberry and peach, to name a few.

Buy it: Unique lollipop favors, starting at $4,

Image: CookieboxStore/Etsy

Macaron gift box favors

Whether you’re organizing a Parisian-themed get-together or simply love artisan baked goods, these macaron gift box favors are sure to meet your festive needs. The clear packages can hold two pastries each and come with a satin ribbon and personalized labels. If macarons don’t please your palate, these boxes can easily showcase an array of other tempting treats. Some baby shower party favor ideas include strawberry cheesecake jelly beans, chocolate-covered espresso beans or even gourmet marshmallows. Whichever you choose, it’ll be a sweet conclusion to your party-perfect menu.

Buy it: Macaron gift box favors, 10 for $11,

Image: fanushome/Etsy

Rainbow keychain macrame favors

Personalized baby shower favors are that much more special, and these handmade rainbow keychains are no exception. Each product features a customized cloud and colorful macrame beams––could they be any cuter! Better yet, these favors come attached to personalized notes which can be decorated to match your party’s theme. If keychains aren’t the favor you had in mind, these bespoke designs can also be made into aesthetically pleasing magnets.

Buy it: Rainbow keychain macrame favors, starting at $4,

Image: WhiteConfettiBox/Etsy

Honey baby shower favors

Hosting an afternoon tea? What about a mom-to-bee theme? Or are you simply looking for Winnie-the-Pooh baby shower favors? No matter which direction you’re taking, gifting these customized honey jars will be a surprise your sweet tooth will love. They even come with charming dippers, so spreading this sugary treat will be a piece of cake.

Buy it: Honey baby shower favors, 8 for $35,

Image: PersonalizeMyGifts/Etsy

Baby shower custom coasters

On the lookout for a personalized baby shower favor that guests are sure to use? These versatile hardwood coasters are sure to check all the boxes on your list. Simply choose a favorite photo of you and your bump–or of another milestone moment–and leave it up to this talented designer to transform it into a stand-out gift. These customized favors are the total package: They’ll look adorable as part of your table settings, and your loved ones will be able to take home a unique favor from the day.

Buy it: Baby shower custom coasters, 8 for $33,

Image: FavorUniverse/Etsy

Personalized sunflower seed packets

These personalized sunflower seed packets offer a lovely way to honor any future flower child. Each pack is full of perennial seeds for your guests to grow at home. With these unique baby shower favors, the memory of your special celebration will bloom for months to come.

Buy it: Personalized sunflower seed packets, 25 for $35,

Image: KendollMade/Etsy

Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Throwing a baby shower can get expensive–we get it. Whether you’re hosting on a budget or simply trying to rein in the cost of party takeaways, consider these cheap baby shower favors. You’ll be amazed at what you can get for $2 or less per favor!

Nail polish gift tags

You don’t need to host a spa-themed event to indulge in a bit of pampering. If you’re gifting nail polish favors to your guests, these tags will add a personalized touch to each bottle. Print the design on the paper of your choosing, and then simply attach the onesie-shaped silhouette to the nail polish (you can often find fun cute shades for a bargain price at your local dollar store!). Another (slightly less affordable) baby shower favor idea: Tie them to mini liqueurs!

Buy It: Nail polish gift tags, $4,

Image: Amazon

Chapstick party favor lip balm gift pack

Ensure your lips are as supple and smooth as a newborn’s with this baby shower party favor! The angel-food-cake-flavored Chapstick will add a touch of sweetness to any celebration. Better yet, these lip balms come in a convenient pack of 10, making them a cheap baby shower favor option that guests are bound to take home.

Buy it: Chapstick party favor lip balm gift pack, 10 for $14,

Image: Kate Aspen

Personalized 8 oz glass mason jar

What would a baby shower be without a mason jar? Luckily, you’ll never have to know. We love these personalized containers that can be used for beverages or as festive decorations on the day. The jars come with custom labels, turning them into treasured reminders of your joy-filled event. If you’re planning a vintage-inspired get-together, these cheap baby shower favors are must-haves.

Buy it: Personalized 8 oz glass mason jar, 12 for $19,

Image: HappyTimesFavors/Etsy

Handmade baby shower candle favors

Baby shower candle favors are a classic for a reason. But those go-to subtle tea lights can be a bit of a bore. If you’re showering a mom-to-be who loves boho-chic designs, opt for these handmade wooden candles. Each comes decorated with a bespoke tag and a mini dried flower bouquet tied with twine. An added bonus: These cheap baby shower favors are less than $2 each!

Buy it: Handmade baby shower candle favors, 4 for $8,

Image: My Wedding Favors

Personalized baby Hershey’s Kisses

You can’t go wrong with an edible baby shower favor–especially one that’s made of chocolate. Searching for a widely adored treat that’s budget-friendly? Opt for these personalized Hershey’s kisses. The miniature stickers come in a variety of blue, pink and gender-neutral patterns. Place them on decorated tables to add to the event’s fun-filled ambience or gift them in themed baby shower boxes that are just as sweet.

Buy it: Personalized baby Hershey’s Kisses, 100 for $38,

Image: HappyTimesFavors/Etsy

Handmade baby shower scented soap favors

Soap gifts are another can’t-miss pick, whether you’re looking for cheap baby shower favors for a boy or girl. These handmade options would fit a rustic, boho-inspired party perfectly. But you can make soap favors work with any theme, because, well, soap is used in the shower. What’s more, buyers say that this unique baby shower favor comes beautifully packaged–score!

Buy It: Handmade baby shower scented soap favors, 10 for $22,

Image: Amazon

Bottle opener baby shower favors

Whether you’re hosting an intimate event or a lavish bash, these baby-shower-themed bottle openers are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Made from durable metal, they can pop bottles throughout your milestone occasion as well as for many celebrations to come. The openers even come packaged with gift tags for seamless celebration prep experiences.

Buy it: Bottle opener baby shower favors, 12 for $13,

Image: Amazon

Party favor hair tie pack

If you’re after a cheap baby shower favor that combines cuteness and practicality, look no further than these hair ties. The white-and-gold-colored packs will add a touch of glam to any table setting or gift bag. Available in three shimmering styles, they’re perfect for boy, girl or gender-neutral baby showers.

Buy it: Party favor hair tie pack, 24 for $21,

Image: PopItWhenShePops/Etsy

Virtual Baby Shower Favors

Just because you’re celebrating digitally doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tangible goodies during your milestone event. These virtual baby shower favors will spark a sense of connection no matter how far apart you’re partying.

Baby shower champagne party favors

The easiest—and most universally loved—of all coed favors is alcohol. For this baby shower favor idea, simply stock up on mini champagne bottles and glamorize them with these custom labels reading: “Pop It When She Pops.” Baby’s name can be added to the bottom of the gift tag–or, if you’re undecided, a last name or simply “baby” works as well. Your guests will be looking forward to your due date as much as you are with these favors!

Buy it: Baby shower champagne party favors, 12 for $15,

Image: brighterprints/Etsy

Printable flower crowns

Virtual baby shower favors can be tricky to coordinate, but these printable flower crowns make gifting as seamless as can be. Simply print the crowns on the paper of your choosing and ship them to your attendees or send them the link to the design. Then, you can all hold them up for a cute photo op or as you play fun party games during your virtual celebration. Just because you’re not all together doesn’t mean you can’t throw the boho-chic baby shower of your dreams!

Buy it: Printable flower crowns, $6,

Image: SorellaMinchella/Etsy

Socially distanced baby shower succulent favors

Share the love of your joyous occasion with these succulents! This thoughtful Etsy seller is happy to individually ship each botanical treasure to your guests, so that you can celebrate together even when you’re apart. Each virtual baby shower favor gift box is packed with a decorated succulent, a customized note card and personalized stickers, all wrapped in colorful tissue paper of your choosing. Best of all, the plant puns featured on each succulent’s pot are sure to bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces.

Buy it: Socially distanced baby shower succulent favors, starting at $26,

Image: Zazzle

Happy sunshine baby shower hand sanitizer

These adorable hand sanitizers are perfect driveby baby shower favors. Whether you’re hosting a socially distanced event or not, these cute bottles are sure to come in handy–especially if you’re serving a lot of sticky sweets. If the sunshine illustration doesn’t match your theme, that’s no problem; botanical prints, safari watercolors and woodland-style designs are also available.

Buy it: Happy sunshine baby shower hand sanitizer, 12 for $48,

Image: BBlissFavors/Etsy

Gender neutral baby shower tea favors

Though you may not be able to celebrate in the same space as your loved ones, these virtual baby shower favors will include everyone in the fun. The tea bags can be easily sent in the mail along with a thank-you card. And with over 90 unique baby shower favor designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a style that matches your celebration’s aesthetic.

Buy It: Gender neutral baby shower tea favors, 20 for $25,

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