What I Really Want for Mother’s Day

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January 30, 2017
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Mother’s Day is this Sunday (woo-hoo!) And while I know there’s a movement to ban Mother’s Day, I’m counting down to this day for moms like a kid looking forward to going to Disneyland. Even if I did ban it in my house and treated the day as any other, my kids are really excited to dote on me (and how could I squash their affection?) My Mother’s Day wishes are simple (and mostly free!)

Ooey Gooey Kid Cards. Cards like the one pictured that my son gave me early this year that are designed with love, artfully colored, and sealed with a kiss. The kind of card that has to be decoded by the illustrator: those shapes that look like a tree and a bush? “That’s you and me holding hands and smiling, mommy!”

Sleep. And when I say sleep, I don’t just mean a little nap. I mean a full on, uncensored, wake-up-at-9am-then-go-back-to-sleep-for-2-hours-sleep.

Breakfast in Bed. By the time I eat it, it’ll probably be closer to lunch, but every year my engineer husband designs a complex parfait, stacked with layers of fruit, granola, whip cream, and yogurt. I crave it all year long.

All You Can Spell Word Games. I am seriously addicted to Words with, Hanging with, Scramble with, and Anything Else with, so I love the extra time to strategize and play my turns.

Sibling Truce: Just for one day, if my kids could resist picking on each other, pushing each other’s buttons and get along it would be heaven. Shoot, I’d even take an hour.

Time to Talk about the Weather with my Mom: My gorgeous mom lives hours away, and our conversations are usually hurried races to exchange logistical information. I’d love to have time to indulge in all kinds of subjects with her, including the weather. I know everyone thinks they have the best mom, but I really do!

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas! What’s your idea of the perfect day?

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