Your Baby Is 38 Weeks Old!

Baby's understanding of what's going on around him is improving every day. Start making simple requests like, "Give me the ball," and help him out by showing him what you mean and how to do it. Before you know it, he'll be following your directions on his own. Even without your prompting, he may start trying to give you things like his toys or food. Accept his offer and give him praise — these are his first attempts at sharing! His awareness of cause and effect is also improving, which makes toys that allow him to grab, push, or manipulate things for an effect (piano keys, doorknobs, etc.) great options.
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Feb 2017
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Somewhat total recall
By this point, baby’s recall memory is pretty well developed — he’s able to remember specific information, like where things are or what certain signs from you mean. His ability to remember experiences, though, still only extends back for a short time and won’t fully develop until age two or three (the same point at which language begins to significantly develop). The fun part: He can wave good-bye on command. The frustrating part: His insistence on opening his favorite drawer — the one you’ve said “no” to because of what’s inside (he hasn’t forgotten his curiosity).


[tip]  Cut some of baby’s food into pieces he can handle himself while you feed him the rest with a spoon. He stays distracted and gets to practice his motor skills, you make sure he gets enough food in, and everyone winds up happy.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

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