Your Toddler: Month 15

This month: NappingWondering when your kid’s going to become a one-nap-a-day tot? Her sleep schedule will usually start to shift from two naps on its own right about now. But you can nudge it along by waiting until after lunch to put her down (even if that means making lunchtime a little earlier for a while).
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March 2, 2017
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Mommy’s little helper
Many, but not all, tots will have now ventured past “dada” and “mama” to form a growing vocabulary that includes words that get them excited, like “dog,” “juice,” and — if you’re still breastfeeding — “boobies.” (Be warned.) And even if Junior isn’t talkative, his language reception is great by now, making him a fabulous sidekick. Go ahead and ask for help carrying things, throwing away trash, picking out books, etc. This is great for baby’s self-esteem and teaches him to pitch in.


[tip]  Arm your (baby-proofed) bedroom with interesting toys, a sippy cup, and a small container of dry cereal to buy yourself a few extra minutes in bed one morning.

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