Your Toddler: Month 16

This month: Bedtime RoutinesDying to make bedtime less of a struggle? For the thirty minutes before bedtime, follow the exact same rituals in the exact same order — and give her 20 minutes notice before that will start. Mom trick: Work around the time she usually falls asleep naturally, then adjust it gradually, in 15-minute increments, if you want it to change.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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Time for toddlerobics
Munchkin is probably in a state of constant motion these days. She’s playing, kicking, walking, climbing — maybe even running. If you have a climber, it’s time to double-check the baby-proofing. (The porcelain figurines on the third shelf? Yeah, no longer safe from babezilla.) It’s also a good idea to keep a rug or carpet beneath the crib in case of jailbreaks. Or better yet, use a crib tent. If baby isn’t already eating with a spoon and fork sometimes, encourage her to practice. She should also be able to scribble by now, so break out the sidewalk chalk and crayons (and hide all pens and permanent markers).


[tip]  Teething pain? Let baby snack on frozen peas — they feel good on her gums and are surprisingly yummy, not to mention healthy.

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