Baby Shower Spotlight: a Wonderfully Woodland Inspired Fete!

My, oh my, make way for some stunnnninnggggg baby shower photos! Our baby shower du jour boasts a beautifully woodsy-inspired event! Because mom and dad chose not to find out the gender of their baby-on-board, they picked a location and gussied it up with "woodland" themed decor that highlighted their loved of the great outdoors — and everything from the venue and decor to the treats and the invitation matched the gender-neutral color palate. These parents-to-be certainly threw a one-of-a-kind bash that baby would be proud of! See for yourself:_ We want to hear from you! Have baby shower photos that you are just dying to share? Show it off, mama! Email photos from your beautiful day to us at [email protected] _ to be featured in our _Baby Shower Spotlight series. Make sure to include details about your shower theme, color scheme and also who to give photo credit to. We can’t wait to see!_
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ByKylie McConville
Jan 2013
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Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump
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Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump

Personalized mantle

A picture of mom, dad, and a sign for the baby-to-be? We're in love, we're in love!

Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump

Buckets full o' treats

Bite size treats are an ooey, gooey delight!

Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump

Make mocktails!

From punch to lemonade to iced tea, mama-to-be won't feel left out when it comes to drinks!

Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump

Shower goodies

Reusing mason jars and baskets give this party beautifully rustic feel. Also, a wide spread gives guests more to choose from.

Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump

Treats galore!

Really like cake? Us too! Good thing cake pops make it acceptable to go back for seconds (and thirds!).

Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump

Delicious diaper cake

This diaper cakes looks good enough to eat! (Sigh.)

Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump

Go nuts for dessert!

Ok, this totally seals the deal for us: Acorn cookies at a nature-inspired shower. What more could you want?!?!

Photo: Rachel Gajda / The Bump

DIY centerpieces

Your centerpiece decor doesn't have to be untouchable — let guests munch while they get comfortable!

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