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Leah Rocketto

Kids’ Fall Fashion: H&M All For Children

With the weather changing and your child growing, you probably need to buy him a few new fall pieces. And you might want to make a stop at H&M. This week, the store launched its  All for Children collection, which is adorable and affordable ($10 to $60), for girls and boys 18 months to eight years old. But the best part about this collection is that making a purchase also helps others. H&M will donate 25 percent of the proceeds from the collection to All for Children, a charitable collaboration with UNICEF, which works to protect the rights of children in poorer areas of the world. With this money and other donations, H&M and UNICEF work to keep children in school and out of the factories and fields. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the All for Children line: What do you think of the H&M All for Children line? 
PUBLISHED ON 10/26/2012

All for Children

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Blue Patent Leather Shoes, $30

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Wool Sweater, $40

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Blue Chinos, $30

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Knit Cardigan, $30

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Graphic T-Shirt, $15

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Pink Patent Leather Shoes, $30

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Woven Pink Dress, $18

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Stretch Pants, $25

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Black Bow Cardigan, $35

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M

Flamingo Bodysuit, $20

Photo: Photo Credit: H&M