This Valentine's Daddy-Daughter Ballet Class Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

Their moves are on pointe.
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ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
Feb 2018
Dad mimicking daughter's ballet move
Photo: Philadelphia Dance Center

Proof that daughters have dads wrapped around their fingers: this dance class video. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Philadelphia Dance Center hosts an annual father-daughter dance class. Tutus, it appears, are optional.

Have you ever seen a more self-conscious sashay?

The video, which put the Philadelphia Dance Center in the spotlight last year, has been resurfaced in light of Valentine’s Day. It’s as if people were worried PDC wouldn’t do it again. But they did, and the 2018 version involves some father-daughter lifts.

We have to hand it to these dads; they’ve either spent the last year practicing, or PDC spent more time editing the video. Either way, they’re stepping outside of their comfort zones to do something their kids love. Can we credit the fact that baby girls literally change the way a dad’s brain functions? Maybe.

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