These 'Sexy' Mom Costumes Nail the Not-So-Glamorous Jobs of Mothers

This mom hilariously tells the dirty truth.
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ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
Oct 2018

Most moms are so caught up in their kids’ Halloween costumes, their own outfits tend to go on the backburner. Not to mention the fact that most of the Halloween looks for women have a knack for unnecessarily adding a touch of promiscuity to them. A “sexy minion,” really?

So lifestyle blogger Stephanie Horman, of the brand Modern Day Wonderland, decided to whip up a few costumes moms already have at home. Sprung from the “sexy” lifestyle mothers live, she put together a photo series consisting of “ 10 sexy halloween costumes moms already own.” Inspired by dirty clothes and smelly toilets, the all-too-relatable costumes really hit the nail on the head.

“From toddler time to toilet bowls. This outfit is versatile and sure to ‘wow.’ Don’t forget your rubber gloves, because things are about to get dirty,” the mom jokes.

“Don’t forget your fire extinguisher because things are about to get hot in here,” Horman says of the dinnertime-inspired look.

“Laundry just got a whole lot sexier with this outfit. Mysterious stains on those shirts? Excellent, now you’ve brought your own party game. Poop or mustard? Either way, everyone’s a winner with this one,” she hilariously points out.

Talk about working with what you have. Another mom also has lots of fun with Halloween, dressing up in a different costume every day.

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