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Hilarious ‘Men in Labor’ Video Is a Must-See (WATCH!)

PUBLISHED ON 05/15/2013

There are some days where I hate the Internet and then there are days that I kiss the earth and thank tech teams the world over for this marvelous invention — and today is one of those days. For Mother's Day, two men set out to confirm what all women know is true:  men don't understand what a contraction feels like. So, thanks to the help of a very friendly doctor and some high-tech contraction-simulating devices, these guys were able to feel what women in labor experience — from start to finish. Before stepping foot in the doctor's office, the men say that, "According to women, childbirth is the worst kind of pain there is" and they follow it up by also saying that, "According to women, us men can't handle anything."

So... is it true? Is childbirth the worst kind of pain there is — and can men handle it?

The proof, my Internet friends, is, as they say, in the contraction-pudding. Check out the video right here:

How hilarious is this video? While I feel for these guys (and cringe at the thought of one day giving birth!), I couldn't help myself from rewinding the video time and time again to laugh at their reactions as labor got progressively more intense. The moment the one man says, "STOP SMILING!" I actually spit out my coffee because I just wasn't expecting their reactions to be so on point! Also give their wives kudos for grabbing ice, water and holding hands for some added support!

Do you think your husband could handle labor?

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