11 Unique Spring Baby Shower Themes

Spring has sprung and baby is about to too! Celebrate Mom- and baby-to-be with these cute spring baby shower themes.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Contributing Writer
Updated March 7, 2019

The move from winter to spring is marked with new beginnings, which makes a spring baby shower a particularly special type of celebration. You survived a winter pregnancy and are finally in the home stretch. Now it’s time to raise a (non-alcoholic) glass surrounded by your closest family and friends. From vibrant colors to blossoming decorations and seasonal sips, here are the best spring baby shower themes to make the day unique.

Baby in Bloom

Beautiful florals are a timeless motif for baby showers in the spring—after all, it’s a fitting way to celebrating your blossoming family.

Decor: Embrace the cheerful colors taking shape outside. Shades of pink, purple and orange will add pops of color to the room. Set the ambiance using vases filled with bright floral arrangements, or DIY tissue paper flowers for a cost-efficient option. Make centerpieces using mason jars filled with a few—real or fake—flowers.

Signature mocktail: Sparkling Cherry Limeade—a refreshing cleanser made with limeade maraschino cherries and sparkling water. Get the full recipe from

Activity: Take inspiration from the beautiful buds around you and bring in a florist to teach a floral arranging or floral crown-making class.

Favors: At the end of the day, lay out perfectly packed bags of sunflower seeds for friends and family to take home and nurture.

An Elephant Never Forgets

An elephant-themed party is a memorable way to celebrate your little peanut. It stands out among spring baby shower themes as a perfect gender-neutral option, great for welcoming a baby boy or girl.

Decor: Set the scene with splashes of white and grey throughout your décor. Set up a photo space for guests to pose with elephant props, like silly elephant tusks, ears and eyes, when they first walk in. There are also a ton of ways to dress your dessert table up to match the theme. Frost little elephants on your cupcakes, or serve nutter butter cupcakes to your guests.

Signature mocktail: Sparkling Blue Bubbly, a zesty drink that combines fruit punch and sparkling white grape juice. Get the full recipe from What’s Cooking Love.

Activity: Fill a big jug with peanuts and have guests guess how many are stuffed inside. Another great game: Put your friends’ and family’s memories to work by testing them on details about your pregnancy journey—like when you first found out you were pregnant, how many weeks along you are or the biggest pregnancy cravings you have. At the end of the game, the player who remembers the most wins.

Favors: Make chocolate covered peanut clusters using this super-easy recipe from Taste of Home. Attach a note to each which says “We’re nuts about baby!”

Cactus Cutie

Cacti and succulents are having a major trend moment, so why not make it the inspiration for your spring baby shower?

Decor: Embrace shades of green in your decor palette. For a unique look, you can either buy cactus-themed balloons or blow up a bunch of small, medium and large balloons and stick them together to look like a cactus. There are also lots of ways to incorporate the theme on the dessert table. Make chocolate-covered pretzel rods using light green food dye, and create a prickle-like look by dipping them in green sprinkles.

Signature mocktail: Prickly Punch, a mojito-inspired limeade that’s sweet and tangy. Get the full recipe from So, Let’s Hang Out.

Activity: Play the “name that baby animal” game. Hand out sheets of paper printed with a sweet succulent-themed design, listing out the names of 26 different adult animals. Guests have to write in the names of their babies (for example, horse and foal; beaver and kit). The person to get the most correct wins a fun prize.


Favors: Set up a table full of potted baby cacti for guests to grab on the way out, with a sign that read “take one home and watch your baby grow.”


Everyone is buzzing about baby. Let your little honey bee the star of the show.

Decor: Browns, tans and soft shades of yellow will seal the deal for your honeycomb party. Fill tall and short vases with yellow carnations and leave them scattered throughout the room. Serve tea and honey to guests, along with lemon bars and bee-shaped cake pops.

Signature mocktail: Sweet Bee. Just mix honey, lime juice and sparkling water. Get the full recipe from Difford’s Guide.

Activity: Hand out slips of paper with the question “what’s all the buzz about?” and ask guests to give their best parenting advice for the new mom-to-be.

Favor: When it’s time for the party to wrap up, hand out tiny jars of honey with love from the “mom-to-bee.”

Woodland Wonder

Create your own secret garden designed specifically for you, baby and your closest family and friends.

Decor: To create the rustic getaway, used distressed wooden plant holders, trays and watering pots for décor, and fill them with neutral plants and arranged greenery. An earthy spread of meats, cheese, veggies and crusty bread is the perfect pairing for this party.

Signature mocktail: The Secret Spritz, a ginger basil grapefruit-based drink, will top off the day. Get the full recipe from Joylicious.

Activity: Since woodworking classes are the latest DIY trend, host a wooden sign workshop. Guests will enjoy adding a touch of personality to their plaques, signs and other wall art, and they’ll cherish it in their homes for years to come.

Favors: Stuff bags full of trail mix as favors and wish your guests “happy trails” as they head home.


Beautiful Baby Blues

Long gone are the days when the color blue was reserved solely for baby boy showers. Whether you’re having a boy, girl or want to keep it a surprise, pastel blues make for a perfect spring shower look.

Decor: When it comes to the table cloth, glassware and napkins, try to create a watercolor illusion with an ombre of different shades of blue. For centerpieces, fill ceramic bowls with tiny blue crystals and beads. Make it a brunch and serve blueberry pies and muffins.

Signature mocktail: Blueberry Tart-ini. The blue, fruity beverage will work with the decorations and your guests’ taste buds. Get the full recipe from MixThatDrink.

Activity: Make a playlist featuring a bunch of songs with the word “blue” in the title. Download songs like “Blue Ain’t Your Color” by Keith Urban, “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley and “Blue Eyes” by Elton John. Then play the first few seconds of the song. As they recognize the tune, guests write down the name on a slip of paper. At the end of the playlist, whoever listed the most songs wins. As an added bonus, you now have a themed party playlist.

Favors: Gift each guest with watercolor blue coasters so they’ll always have a reminder of you and baby.

Peter Rabbit

Bring the sweet childhood nursery story to life through nostalgic decorations, snacks and games.

Decor: Taking inspiration from Peter Rabbit and his fairytale friends, place stuffed animals around the room, as well as copies of the beloved book. Create a backyard illusion by scattering baskets full of gardening tools, gloves and decorative stalks of corn and carrots. Serve trays of veggies (including carrots) with hummus and other dips. When it comes time for dessert, you’ll have to serve carrot cake, of course, among other goodies.


Signature mocktail: Hoppy Trails, a carrot-infused treat. Get the full recipe from Cook with Manali.

Activity: Play a Peter Rabbit trivia game and use a bingo board inspired by the story.

Favors: If you’re crafty, try decorating chocolate-covered strawberries to look like carrots to thank your guests for hopping by.

Pastel Paradise

Spring explodes in beautiful pastel colors, so let it be the backdrop for your shower.

Decor: As long as it’s in a soft, pastel shade, you can incorporate nearly every color of the rainbow—think pink, blue, green and yellow. Fill jars with softly colored candy and gumballs and let guests fill little baggies to take home. Colorful macaroons are also the perfect aesthetic treat.

Signature mocktail: Peachy Keen. This fizzy mocktail is a beautiful pale yellow that’s as sweet as a peach. Get the full recipe from Love Child Mag.

Activity: Add a modern spin on a onesie decorating station. Incorporate different styles—like baby leggings, T-shirts, hats, headbands or bows—in a variety of sizes and pastel colors. When baby arrives, they’ll have a colorful wardrobe ready to grow with them.

Favors: Pre-packed bags of blue and pink cotton candy make great favors, and will remind guest how sweet baby will be.

Spring Showers

Don’t save this cute baby shower idea for a rainy day! Sunshowers make a perfectly apropos spring baby shower theme.

Decor: You can create the illusion of showers by DIY-ing your own raindrops. Attach fishing wire to tiny tear-shaped crystals (or paper raindrops) and hang them from umbrellas, which you can prop against tables or even from the ceiling. If you’re not crafty (no judgements here!) you can skip the arts and crafts and buy your own raindrops online. Purchase a few pairs of rainboots to use as décor throughout the room, and fill them with flowers like tulips or wild lilies.


Signature mocktail: Save it for a Rainy Day. This delectable drink is made with pineapple, lime and grape juice is topped off with blueberries. Get the full recipe from The Little Kitchen.

Activity: Hand out slips of paper asking your friends and family for the best parenting advice to save for a rainy day.

Favors: When the day winds down, hand out goodie bags that look like umbrellas filled with candy as a parting gift.

Springtime in Paris

Send your guests on an elegant getaway to The City of Lights. There’s nothing quite like Paris in springtime.

Decor: Stick to a color scheme of mostly black and white with an accent color, like a deep red, to add a pop of color. As you prep for the party, browse local homegoods or dollar stores for Parisian wall art to place throughout the party. You can even use eiffel towers as the centerpieces on each table. For dessert, offer a medley of delicious Parisian-inspired treats including macaroons, croissants and chocolate éclairs.

Signature mocktail: The Paris Punch. Treat your tastebuds to a pop that is sweet, refreshing and full of flavor. Get the full recipe from Jen Elizabeth’s Journal.

Activity: Write out the French translations of baby-related words—think: mom, dad, rattle, diaper, car seat, etc.—onto strips of paper. Fold them up and place them in a bowl. Pass the bowl around and have guests guess what they mean in English.

Favors: Top off the day abroad by leaving guests with a boutique bar of soap with a label that says “From my shower to yours.”

Up, Up and Away

The sky’s the limit for baby, so set your sights on a baby shower theme that truly rises to the occasion.


Decor: Choose light blue, green and white colors to create an airy feel. You can easily transform basketed floral arrangements into hot air balloon centerpieces by blowing up a balloon, placing above a plant and tying it down with netting to hold it in place.

Signature mocktail: On Cloud Nine. The sweet and fizzy party punch includes a scoop of sherbert to look just like a cloud. Get the full recipe from Better Housekeeper.

Activity: Play “Baby Around the World” and see which guests can match the correct pronunciation of “baby” to the right country. Check out how Kate Aspen did it here.

Favors: As a parting gift, send guests away with their own edible cloud—aka white cotton candy.

Updated March 2019

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