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8 Cutest Baby Bibs

Regurgitated baby food? Not so cute. These bibs? Adorable! Check out the cutest and cleverest bibs we’ve seen yet.

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Retro Owl Bib

We love the retro color scheme of this owl bib – plus, the pocket to catch dropped food makes cleanup that much easier. Zoo bib — owl, $8,

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Cowboy Vest Bib

Yeehaw! Your little cowboy could practically be an extra in a Western with this adorable faux vest and bandana bib. Little sheriff cowboy costume bib, $18,

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Cutout Dog Bib

Got a puppy poised, waiting for your baby to drop some food? Pay homage to Fido with this animal-lover bib. Dog bib, $5, Target stores,

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Lion Bib

We can't resist the friendly face and fringy mane of this adorable lion bib. $28,

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Great States Bib

Start geography lessons early. Point out baby’s home state — and Grandma’s too — on this funky, colorful state-themed bib. Funkie baby state soak-proof bib, $24,

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Frilly Cupcake Bib

The perfect complement to your little cupcake’s first birthday dress, this ruffly number is a photo op waiting to happen. Cupcake bib, $15,

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Runway-Worthy Bib

Can you say fashionista? With a cool animal print and vivid ruffles, baby will be the best-bibbed on the block. Giraffe bib, $17,

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Tuxedo Bib

Who says babies shouldn’t be invited to black-tie affairs? Make dinnertime a formal event with this tux bib. Sara Kety tuxedo bib, $16,

By Lynn Paszek