Enfamil Enspire wins the 2017 Best of Baby Award from The Bump.
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Best Baby Formula: Enfamil Enspire

Using several ingredients also found in breast milk, Enspire’s formula is inspired by moms.

Unless your baby has special dietary needs, cow’s milk-based formula is a safe bet that’s packed with the best blend of protein, carbs and fat. We focused on the least expensive option—powder—that most closely mimics breast milk.


  • Enspire contains the same immune-strengthening protein as colostrum called lactoferrin
  • Just like breast milk, lactose is Enspire’s only sweetening agent; there’s no corn maltodextrin, an ingredient found in many other formulas
  • Packed with both prebiotics and probiotics, it’s designed for baby to easily digest
  • Parents rave how easy it is to mix


Enspire’s complex, nutritious formula is designed to give baby the nutrients needed without added stress on his or her tiny tummy. At nearly $2 per ounce—nearly twice as much as the average powder formula—you’re definitely paying a price for premium.

Price: $40/20.5 oz.


Photo: Enfamil
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