BumpItForward: Baby Sleep Advice From Real Moms

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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Updated March 2, 2017
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When baby can’t sleep, you can’t either. While there’s not a whole lot we can do besides empathize, in the spirit of Bumping it Forward , we’ve rounded up the best real-mom strategies for helping baby sleep better.

“I give her a bath and then turn on a blow-dryer, and she’s out in seconds!” — velasquez_jes

“My 10 month old has never fallen asleep on her own. I wear her a lot during the day and at night she won’t even let us rock her to sleep sitting down; we have to walk around in circles in a pitch black room until she’s totally asleep.” — Mama2Be

"Babies are used to noise in the womb; don’t put them to sleep while hushing everyone around you.” — Sara K.

“We have been putting him in sleepsacks ever since 3 weeks and he sleeps like a champ. Our routine consists of washing his head every night — he had wicked cradle cap and we’re trying to keep it in control — then giving him a little massage with some lotion. Next he gets a clean diaper, goes into his sleepsack, has one more round of nursing and then goes to bed.” — kalves82

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