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Kylie McConville

Cutest Nautical Swimsuits for Babies (WATCH!)

We asked some of the most adorable babies to head in to our NYC offices and strike a pose for our video team! These all-star babies put on their squishy happy faces and modeled the very best in swimwear for babies! The result? Certified cuteness on a level we've never seen before (and trust us, we know cute!).

These little ladies and gents are all decked out for a sunny, sand-playin' day at the beach, so if Mother Nature would just throw us a bone here, maybe we could get these little lads some sand, sun and splashes!

Check out these little divas and dudes. You can find details on where to buy each suit below. Happy cuteness and happy shopping!

Swim suits featured in the video are:

Kate Mack, Seaside Petals Baby Bubble

Iplay Perwinkle Pier Ultimate Swim Diaper

Iplay Ultimate Swim Diaper Sailboat Pocket Trunks & Rash Guard top

Which nautical suit is your favorite?