Q&A: Baby Won't Nurse?

We started giving our newborn a bottle a few days ago, and today she won't nurse. Does this mean I'll have to stop breastfeeding?
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Updated January 30, 2017
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No. But you do need to get some hands-on lactation help, pronto. Stop giving her the bottle and call in a lactation consultant (a well-qualified one will have the letters IBCLC in her title). The consultant will help you work to re-teach baby to latch onto your breast. Don’t freak — with a little patience, baby will almost certainly be able to get back into the groove. If, in the future, you have to be away from baby and won’t be able to nurse her at times (like, if you return to work), avoid a repeat of this scenario by having baby get your breast milk by cup or nursing supplement instead of a bottle.

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