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Do I Need to Childproof More Now That My Toddler’s Walking?

The baby-proofing I did when I was pregnant was enough while my daughter was crawling, but now she's getting pretty good at walking. Do I need to do anything else now that my baby is a toddler? Is there such a thing as toddler childproofing?

Yes, there’s definitely such a thing as baby-proofing for toddlers (toddler-proofing)! Since a toddler can see and reach dangers that are farther from the floor, you need to child-proof at a higher level too. For example, now that your tot is standing and maybe even walking, beware any unsecured bookcases and dressers. Many toddlers will use furniture to pull themselves up, so you need to make sure furniture is secured to the walls so it won’t topple over.

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