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Q&A: Emotions After a Miscarriage?

I lost my baby at 8 weeks’ gestation. That was three months ago and everyone keeps telling me that I should try to get pregnant again. I just don’t feel ready. Is that normal?

Absolutely. Having a  miscarriage can be a heartbreaking and traumatic experience. Everyone responds differently to loss, and there is no “right” way to grieve a lost pregnancy. Emotions can range from sadness and depression to shock, anger, and guilt. You may feel as if you are somehow to blame for your loss (no matter how many times you are reassured that you’re not), or very apprehensive about  trying to conceive again. These strong feelings can also make it difficult for you to sleep or eat; to concentrate on work, reading, or hobbies you previously enjoyed; or to be around other people.

Give yourself the time you need to grieve. Seek help from your partner, a close friend or family member, a support group (online or off), or a therapist.

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