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10 Great Gifts for Mom's Holiday Wish List

You know exactly what gifts baby, your partner and your in-laws want this year — but when it comes to telling them what you’d like, you’re stumped. A vacation? An extra set of hands? A day off? How about one of these instead?

Best for the Mom Who Likes to Choose

The last time you bought yourself something was probably more than 9 months ago and with a newborn, you don’t really have time to shop for fun. But with a personalized Birchbox delivery, you’ll get 12 months of treats — all for you! $10 per month, Birchbox.com


Best for a Techie Mom

An iPad mini is perfect for those days when baby just wants to be held. You can surf, and snuggle, comfortably. $300, Apple.com


Best for a Mom Who Loves Fashion

When your in-laws come to visit that means one thing: Date night! We love the stylish Comme des Garçons ‘Large’ Classic Pouch because it’s totally fashionable and made for mom-only (so when it’s time to pay the bill, you won’t be pulling out diapers instead of cash!). $135, Nordstrom.com


Best for a Mom Who Lounges

The newborn period is all about survival, so a comfy pair of loungewear is a must. Instead of a ratty old t-shirt, try this PJ Salvage thermal. You can pair it with leggings and boots when you’re running weekend errands and no one will know you haven’t showered in five days (hallelujah!). $48, Nordstrom.com


Best for the Mom Who Loves Her Coffee

Replace that oversized coffeemaker with this sleek, modern Chemex Eight-Cup Classic Series glass brewing system that pours the perfect cup at any hour. You’ll get the caffeine boost you need to tackle that laundry pile (yeah!) while baby naps. $44, Chemex.com


Best for a Mom Who Loves Jewelry

The asymmetrical style on these Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Initial Necklaces is fresh and unique, and you can wear it every day (or save it for special occasions), so baby is always with you. $220, MarkAndGraham.com


Best for the Mom Who Loves Her Music

A little music helps the day go by faster (especially when baby’s teething and fussy). The i.Sound Fire Rechargeable Speaker plays up to 40 hours of music, so you’re both always ready for an impromptu dance party. $30, Target.com


Best for Sentimental Moms

You love those gushy, adorable presents from baby to parent, but you’re used to being the one to _give _them, not get them. This year, make sure you ask for something that your partner (or in-laws) can deliver, like these oh-so-sweet customizable phone cases. From $20, Vistaprint.com


Best for a Mom Who Needs a Minute

Okay, a day off is kind of possible at this point, but hey, a new mom can dream! Asking your partner to hire a nanny for a day (or even a few hours a week) will get you out of the house for some much needed mommy-time. Memberships start for free, Care.com


Best for a Mom Who Loves to be Outside

Your hands are going to get cold pushing a stroller around this winter, so it’s time to invest in a pair of gloves that you’ll love (and that will last!). These Classic Hand Painted Leather Gloves definitely make a statement, so bundle baby up and get strollin’. $150, MarkAndGraham.com

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