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Q&A: How Much Pooping Is Normal?

How often should my breastfed baby poop?

For the first few weeks, a breastfed baby should have pretty frequent stools. (One on day one; two on day two; three on day three; and then three to four or more each day for the next couple of weeks.) After the first few days, many moms report seeing a little poop in every diaper.

Once those first 4 to 6 weeks have passed, there isn’t really a “normal.” If baby seems happy and healthy, there’s no reason to worry. As long as baby’s poop arrives in soft form, it isn’t considered constipation — even if she hasn’t pooped in a week. Likewise, it’s normal for some babies to keep pooping every time they eat.

When baby starts solids, her poops will change in color, consistency, frequency, and smell, becoming more like grown-up poops.

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