Feeding Gear That Will Actually Make Meal Time Easier

We've rounded up the most helpful, mom-approved feeding gear to get you through baby's first solids and beyond.
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Mar 2018
Baby being fed spoonful by his mother.
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Right around the six-month mark, you’ll probably begin introducing real food to baby. And how much of that purée actually makes it into her mouth is pretty unpredictable. Solids may sound like they’ll be easier, but cutting grapes into tiny pieces is a tedious task.

The easiest way to make this whole feeding thing go as smooth as possible? Using the right gear. From baby food storage solutions to bibs that go above and beyond, these are the baby feeding products that’ll make your life easier.

Photo: Avanchy

Avanchy Bamboo + Silicone Suction Baby Bowl + Spoon

No more spills?! This bowl has a handy suction base that is designed to stop your tot from making a mess. Well, at least a huge one. And the spoon’s soft silicone tip is super gentle on teething gums.

Buy it: $20, buybuyBABY.com

Photo: Boon

Boon Squeeze

Parents get a mess-free, one-handed feeding, and babies love the food-grade silicone against their sensitive gums. The Squeeze holds up to three ounces of Stage 1 or 2 baby food and comes with a storage cap, meaning you can even take it on-the-go.

Buy it: $8, buybuyBaby.com

Photo: BabyBjörn

BabyBjörn Soft Bib

Part clothes-saver, part crumb-catcher, this bib pulls double duty. They’re made from soft plastic so they’re easy to clean—even in the dishwasher.

Buy it: $20 for 2, buybuyBABY.com

Photo: Original Squeeze

Original Squeeze

Love the portability of baby food pouches but wish you could use your own food intead? These reusable food pouches are easy to fill with baby’s favorite purée. And the spill-proof spout promises to keep that purée inside. They’re dishwasher safe and can be used again and again.

Buy it: $15, OriginalSqueeze.com

Photo: Baby Cubes

Baby Cubes Baby Food Storage Containers

If you’re going through all the trouble of making your own baby food, you’re going to want to store it properly. These 2-ounce containers do the trick, allowing you to defrost only the portion you need ahead of feeding time.

Buy it: $7, buybuyBABY.com

Photo: Munchkin

Munchkin Miracle 360° Trainer Cup

You know you need a good, trusty sippy cup. But it goes beyond being spill-proof; some are better than others for baby’s mouth development. That’s where the Miracle 360° comes in. The dentist-approved design teaches little ones to drink from the rim and supports normal muscle development in a child’s mouth. As soon as they stop drinking, the cup magically seals shut (read: no spills).

Buy it: $6, Munchkin.com

Photo: ZoLi

ZoLi SNIP Food Scissors

You deserve to enjoy your meal, too. Why spend half of it cutting baby’s food? Instead, use these ceramic scissors to make little chops in less time.

Buy it: $30, Zoli-inc.com

Photo: PopYum

PopYum Formula Bottle

Mixing up powder formula can be a pain and a mess, especially if you’re on the move. PopYum keeps powder and water contained but separate until you’re ready to prep the bottle, which just takes the press of a button. And it comes with a funnel to keep the powder transfer process clean.

Buy it: From $13, PopYum.com

Updated March 2018

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