Postpartum Swelling?

Things are a lot, um, bigger down there since I gave birth. Will it get back to normal?
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Updated March 2, 2017
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Yes! It’s just vaginal swelling from the trauma of pushing baby’s head through, not permanent growth. Give your body time to heal — we’re talking 24 to 48 hours after delivery — and it will get back to normal. Until then, don’t skimp with ice packs; they’re key for helping to bring the swelling down. Plus, they’ll numb up the area to help you deal with any pain as you recover from delivery.

You may also have quite a bit of swelling in your legs right now (hello new-mom cankles!). That’s probably due to the fluids you received during labor, and that will go away too. It just may take a week or so. Some moms might be tempted to take water pills to try to get the swelling to go down, but that’s not necessary. It will happen on its own.

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