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Chew on This! 10 Genius Teething Toys

When baby’s teething, she’ll want to get her mouth on just about everything. These teethers will keep her occupied and keep you from stressing out.

The Honest Company Teether

This chewy silicone butterfly can withstand it all, from the freezer (for extra soothing) to the dishwasher and boiling water (for sanitizing). Perfect for keeping up with a teething baby.

Buy it: $25,

Photo: The Honest Company

Gummy Sticks

The little nubs on these Zoli baby teethers are designed specifically to massage sore gums. But our favorite part is that they come in a two-pack, so you’ll have that lifesaving backup.

Buy it: $10,

Photo: Zoli Baby

Munchkin Twisty Ball Teether

Baby’s just hit the teether jackpot: She can shake, twist and roll the Twisty, which makes different rattle sounds and has 10 different textures.

Buy it: $7,

Photo: Munchkin


Concerned that your necklaces are baby’s new favorite snack? Wear some fun beads made just for chewing.

Buy it: $37,


Photo: Chewbeads

MAM Bite & Brush Teether

Baby thinks he has a fun new toy, but those small silicone bristles are actually cleaning his teeth. One of many parenting hacks you’ll keep up your sleeve.

Buy it: $5,

Photo: MAM

Boon Gnaw

Using the same technology from those Chinese finger traps (really), Boon created this clip-on teether that will hold onto those snacks and ice cubes baby loves to gnaw on. No more diving to the floor to keep things germ-free.

Buy it: $8,


Photo: Boon

Innobaby Teethin' SMART EZ Grip Teether

It’s a rattle, it’s a teether — it’s a trainer? The petals are designed to stimulate oral motor skills, while the slim handle is all about improving baby’s hand-eye coordination.

Buy it: $4,

Photo: InnoBaby

MAM Mini Cooler Teether

With this unique-shaped cooling teether, even those back molars will get some relief. Clip it on baby’s clothes or on your carrier so it’s always within reach.

Buy it: $6,

Photo: MAM

Zoli Bunny Teether

A bona fide mom favorite, this cool little teether is extra-easy for baby to grip.

Buy it: $10,


Photo: Zoli Baby


The cactus shape of this new teether is meant to help soothe baby at every stage of tooth development.

Buy it: $20,

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