Would You Bring Your Baby to an Infant Spa?

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By Ivy Jacobson, Associate Editor, The Knot
Updated February 26, 2017
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A spa day for a mom is a much-needed luxury — but how would you feel if you were driving your baby to a spa and not yourself? It could be the next trend in baby activities since there’s a new spa — just for babies — in Houston, Texas, called Float Baby.

To get admitted to Float Baby, you don’t have to be more than a few weeks old. The infants at the spa relax and float in a pool with a flotation device around their necks and a swim diaper on with other infants. Kind of like early swimming lessons, maybe?

“What we find is that the babies find the water very soothing and relaxing,” owner Kristi Ison told Today. “Before they can roll over, they want to move and they’re not able to — they’re either in a carrier or being held — and so when we put them in the water and they experience that freedom, they really enjoy it.”

At Float Baby, babies can either experience hydrotherapy or a neonatal massage done by parents but coached by an instructor. Each visit is $65 with discounts for multiple visits.

“The younger the babies are, the better they react to the water because they recently spent nine months floating in amniotic fluid in the womb,” says Kristi. “The newborns especially like it, we see them float and then have a little cat nap while they’re floating. The older babies, they really like to kick around and splash and socialize.”

The flotation devices support baby’s chin and head, and the pools are warm and washed out daily.

Now if only they could offer mani-pedis for moms while they wait!

Do you agree that taking your baby to a spa would be beneficial? Or do you think it’s too much pampering for baby?

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