Meaning:narrow; strait; belief; confidence; reliance; trust; good omen
Kylar is a masculine name and a unique play on the well-known Kyle. Scottish in origin, Kylar primarily comes from the Gaelic caol, which is so often translated as "narrow" or "strait." Perhaps unsurprisingly, the name is habitual in nature, finding its home in the coastal village of Kyle. Nestled on a strip of land that broaches Skye, its popular translation certainly bears fruit. However, Kyle is also greatly associated with the legendary 4th-century King, Coel Hen, who perished within the village's wild surroundings. From this ancient figure, Kylar's foundations shift from caol to coel, earning baby the attributes of "belief; confidence; reliance; trust." Sweeter yet is the addition of the Proto-Celtic kaylo, which paints dear Kylar as a "good omen."
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