The Royal Family May Have Accidentally Revealed Baby Sussex’s Name and Sex

This qualifies as a major “oops.”
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Published April 30, 2019
meghan markle with prince harry in morocco
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The Royal Family tries very hard to keep their personal affairs private. “Try” being the operative word…

After months of staying hush-hush on Meghan Markle’s pregnancy, the Royal Family website may have just unintentionally revealed the name and sex of Baby Sussex, according to the Express.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have insisted they haven’t chosen a name for their baby, and have even stated they want to be surprised by the sex, the latest report begs to differ. Here’s the scoop. When trying to access the pages and, the website redirects to the main homepage. But, and this is a big but, when trying to access pages for other names rumored to be for Baby Sussex, the website says “Page not found.” The fact that those web domains are reserved may be the biggest hint not only towards the baby’s sex, but also the top contenders for the little Royal’s name.

After fans were abuzz with the baby news, Buckingham Palace quickly jumped in to deny the theory. “A large number of search term redirects were set up some time ago on This was in order to improve user experience," a palace spokesperson told NBC, explaining other names preceded by “prince” or “princess” will produce the same results.

That leaves us questioning—is it a coincidence or something more? With Markle set to give birth any day now, and some even speculating she already had the baby, we’ll know soon enough if this is a rumor or the real deal.

Royal Baby watch may be coming to an exciting end pretty soon, but the fun has only just begun. Word on the street is the Sussexes may be relocating to Africa after the baby is born.

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