Getting Through the Two-Week Wait While Trying To Conceive

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ByAndrea Wolloff
Nov 2012
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Live for today. If I could go back and give myself advice two years ago, that would be it. It took my husband and me about a year and a half to conceive. After a few months of “let’s just see what happens,” the reality that this would take longer than we anticipated set in.

Every day was equated to how many days until I could take a pregnancy test, how many days until my next cycle, how many days it’d been since we’d started trying, how many days pregnant I would be if it happened the first month.

After a while, I wanted nothing more than to float through my schedule until a day I would find out news.

Here are a few things that helped me though each grueling two-week wait:

Have an active state of mind. When your life turns into a perpetual countdown, it’s tempting to set yourself on cruise control and coast through until the next milestone. I’d recommend discovering something that makes you happy, inspired, and encouraged and finding time to enjoy it each week. Personally, I started an online craft shop that allowed me to have a creative outlet. Fill your week with events and activities that fulfill you, instead of just passing time.

Learn to be thankful. You’ve heard this before, and even though it has become cliché it doesn’t make it any less true — you have plenty to be thankful for! The temptation to focus on what we don’t have enough of – money, time, etc. – can easily take over during this draining time of TTC. Take an active role in battling this stress by reminding yourself of what you’re thankful for.

Love the season you’re in. Take time to enjoy life exactly where you are. Maybe it’s a work schedule that’s ideal. Maybe it’s a specific time of the year. Maybe all of your family is living in one state. Whatever it is, celebrate this season of your life!

What has helped you get through your two-week wait while TTC?

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