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10 Sanity-Saving Gadgets for Moms

From handy to drool-worthy, meet the 10 gadgets that are parenting game-changers.

From handy to drool-worthy, meet the 10 gadgets that are parenting game-changers.


ZoLi Buzz B Nail Trimmer

Cringing at the thought of clipping baby’s nails? Use the nail trimmer ZoLi, which has cushioned pads that oscillate to file nails without hurting the surrounding skin.

Buy it: $32,


Photo: Zoli Baby

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer

We can’t think of any plus sides to having a fever, but at least you’ll get to use this awesome thermometer. You can take baby’s temperature without even touching him, so you don’t have to wake him. Plus, a color-coded light alerts you ASAP if he’s in a dangerous zone.

Buy it: $45,

Photo: Braun

Beaba Babycook Pro

This one-piece baby food maker steam cooks, blends and reheats food in 15 minutes or less. No pots, no pans—win.

Buy it: $150,


Photo: Beaba

Owlet Smart Sock

Get extra peace of mind knowing baby is okay. The Owlet Smart Sock tracks your infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep and sends this info via Bluetooth to a base station. The base station glows green letting you know everything is okay but will notify you if something appears to be wrong.

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Photo: Owlet

phil&teds Lobster Portable High Chair

It’s not exactly high-tech, but it’s ingenious. This bad boy gives baby a seat at any table—no big, clunky chair required.

Buy it: $90, Buybuybaby  

Photo: phil&teds

Freemie Freedom Breast Pump

Dreaming of a world where you can pump breast milk while you keep your clothes on and do other things? Meet Freemie Freedom, the hands-free breast pump. And the attachments are compatible with several popular brands’ pumps too.

Buy it: $164,


Photo: Freemie

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit

This feeding system is a major stress-saver. Pump milk from any pump directly into breast milk storage bags, then organize, store, warm and feed baby from those same bags. No more of that tricky transfer to bottles.

Buy it: $40,


Photo: Kiinde

Puj Snug Spout Cover

A simple (and adorable) parenting hack, this elephant spout cover protects your baby or toddler from bumps and bruises at bath time.

Buy it: $10,  

Photo: Puj

BRICA Day & Night Light Musical Car Mirror

Ready to be the best chauffeur ever? Check on your rear-facing baby at any time of day, and play some music for her too.

Buy it: $30,  

Photo: BRICA

4Moms Origami Stroller

A splurge, we know, but for good reason. It’s the first power-folding stroller out there, and it’s also the first mobile-device charging stroller. How does it hold a charge? It charges itself using kinetic energy as it rolls. Obviously.

Buy it: $850,

Photo: 4moms