Baby Shower Games: Food Games

Make your baby shower a yummy one with these food games.
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February 12, 2017
Baby Shower Games: Food Games
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Game: Applesauce Never Tasted So Good
What you need: large plastic garbage bags, jars of applesause, baby spoons, blindfolds
How to play: Put the guests into teams of to. Then, ask one member of each team to put trash bags over their clothes and blindfolds over their eyes. The team member without the blindfold will then feed the applesauce to their partner. Whoever finishes the bowl of applesauce first is the winner

Game: Pass the Dirty Diaper
What you need: diaper, chocolate, music
How to play: It’s like the hot potato of baby showers! Melt chocolate in the diaper and then sit in a circle passing the dirty diaper around as music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the diaper is out.

Game: The Crave Game
What you need: paper and pen
How to play: Have the guest of honor describe what she’s been craving without actually giving away the food — for instance, she might say “salty” and “green” for pickles. Whoever guesses the most right is the winnter.

Game: Guess the Chocolate
What you need: several types of chocolate and diapers
How to play: Melt each type of chocolate in a different diaper and then have the guests guess which type of chocoolate is in each. Whoever gets the most wins!

Game: Candy Game
What you need: several different types of candy taht can be related to babies, like “Baby Ruth,” “Screaming Sours,” and “Lifesavers.”
How to play: Pass around the candy and have the guests write down a baby word or phrase that goes with the candy name. For instance, screaming sours might be crying babies.

Played any other [insert type] baby shower games you loved? Share them in a comment below!

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