Baby Shower Games: Name Games

Whether the mom-to-be has decided on a name or not, get your guests ready to play these name games.
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March 2, 2017
Baby Shower Games: Name Games
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Game: Name Tag Donation Game
What you need: Name tags for each guest
How to play: Before the shower, write baby-related words on name tags. Then, pass them out during the shower and call the guests by the “name” on their tag.

Game: B is for Baby
What you need: Pen and Paper
**How to play:**Write the letters of the mom-to-be’s vertically down the paper. Then fill in each letter with a baby-related word. For instance, Kate might be “kiss,” “adorable,” “tiny,” and “energetic.”

Game: Name The Names
What you need: A list of the first names of all of the guests with another sheet of paper that lists the meanings for each.
**How to play:**Match the name with the meaning! Whoever gets the most wins.

Game: Baby Name Game
What you need: Paper and pens
How to play: If you’re ready to reveal the name of the baby, ask guests to write down words as many words they can think of that begin with each of the letters in that name.

Game: Who’s the baby?
What you need: Paper and pens
How to play: Give guests a list of animals that have names for their young. Then, ask them to name the baby (for instance, a dog’s baby is a puppy). Whoever gets the most wins!

Game: Name the characters
What you need: Pictures of children’s characters
How to play: Time to test your guests’ knowledge of children’s characters! Post the pictures (like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, for instance) and then have the guests play who’s who.

Played any other [insert type] baby shower games you loved? Share them in a comment below!

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