High Tech Diapering: Monit Diaper Sensor

No. 1? No. 2? Never wonder again with this cool sensor.
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ByThe Bump Editors
Feb 2018
Monit diaper sensor
Photo: Monit

Let’s face it: There’s no graceful way to check what’s in a baby’s diaper without taking the whole thing off. Sure, there’s the sniff test. Or trying to peak in the sides. But instead of sticking your nose up to a baby’s bottom or a looping a finger in the elastic waist, try the Monit diaper sensor instead—which tells you instantly if baby needs a change (and what you’ll find inside).

What we love

  • Simply attach the sensor to the outside of baby’s diaper and Monit will tell you if it’s dry, wet or soiled
  • Not changing a poopy diaper right away can lead to diaper rash, skin irritations and even urinary tract infections; Monit helps prevent both by alerting you to changes quickly
  • When those glorious potty trained days arrive, Monit also works as an air quality and temperature monitor


No more diaper surprises for you, fewer diaper rashes for baby—a win-win for everyone.

Price: TBD

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