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An ovulation tracker that finally gets it right.
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Updated March 2, 2017
Ava Ovulation Tracking Bracelet wins the 2017 Best of Baby Tech Award from The Bump.
Image: Ava
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Thermometers, pee sticks, apps that feel like they’re guessing—this is what women tracking their cycles have to work with. Enter Ava. This unassuming bracelet only needs to be worn while you sleep, and it detects your fertility window right from the beginning.


  • Existing trackers either confirm ovulation after it happens or detect the tail end of your fertile window. Ava alerts you at the beginning, detecting an average of five fertile days
  • It’s totally hassle-free: Just wear it while you sleep and sync it with the app in the morning
  • You can track your sleep, stress levels and heart rate in addition to fertility data, making Ava useful even when you’re not trying to conceive


With all the information you need right at your fingertips, it’s easy to take control of your fertility and paint a more complete picture of your health.

Price: $199

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