Owlet monitor wins the 2017 Best of Baby Tech Award from The Bump.
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Baby Tech, Healthy Baby: Owlet Baby Health & Wellness Monitor

This wearable device stays up all night to keep tabs on baby so you don’t have to.

Newborns are scary little creatures. But there’s got to be a better way to monitor baby’s vitals than standing over the crib all night. Owlet found it. And they made it adorable.


  • The infant Smart Sock uses pulse oximetry—the same technology found in the device hospitals put on your finger—to track baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. If baby stops breathing or if vitals drop, you’ll be notified right away; the Base Station (a small disk you can place right by your bed) will flash red and set off an alarm
  • While an app lets you see exact oxygen levels and heart rate data, it’s not essential to the system; the sock doesn’t require wifi to work with the Base Station. In other words, you don’t need your babysitter, or less tech-savvy grandparents, to download an app while they’re watching baby
  • All’s well? Owlet lets you know that too. If vitals are good, the Base Station will glow green all night long, letting you sleep soundly


Sleep safety is largely in your hands. But some things are out of your control. Owlet’s there to keep tabs, offering peace of mind so you can get the same sound sleep that baby (hopefully!) is.

Price: $250

Photo: Owlet
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