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Best Aspirator: NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

Parenting presents its share of interesting challenges, like picking large airway-blocking “obstructions” out of two impossibly small openings called baby nostrils.

Step away from the bulb syringes. When it comes to baby boogers, this doctor-developed nasal aspirator is our champion. Extractions are as easy as holding the natural, safe nostril cover up to baby’s nose (not inside) and using your own suction to suck out the icky stuff. Snot and germs stay inside the disposable catcher.


  • A disposable hygiene filter means boogers and bacteria never transfer between you and baby
  • Nothing has to enter baby’s nostrils to get this job done
  • The Snotsucker is easy to clean with warm soap and water


Unstuffing little noses is, well, unpleasant but necessary. Now at least there’s a tool (not your pinky finger!) that makes snot extraction painless for baby and less painful for you.

Price: $16, Target.com

Photo: Fridababy
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