Best Bottle: Comotomo

It’s easy to grasp why this bottle’s a mom favorite.
ByThe Bump Editors
Feb 2018
Comotomo bottle wins the 2017 Best of Baby Award from The Bump.
Photo: Comotomo

You’ll quickly learn which bottle works best for your baby—but we can help you get there even faster. Every piece of this bottle is smartly designed, giving Comotomo wide and well-deserved appeal, even among breastfed babies.


  • Not one but two anti-colic vents allow for ideal air circulation, preventing gas and spit-up
  • With just three pieces—the body, the ring and the nipple—the super-wide neck design makes it a cinch to clean (no germy bottle brush necessary)
  • A natural-shaped nipple and wide mound mimic the shape of a breast, making the transition from breast to bottle (and back again) easier on baby
  • Boil it, steam it, microwave it or toss it in the dishwasher—that squishy silicone can withstand it all


With little fuss and fewer parts to clean, less really is more with this innovative bottle.

Price: $14


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