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Best Baby Formula: Enfamil Enspire

As close to breast milk as it comes and a parent favorite, Enfamil Enspire takes the cake another year running.

Whatever circumstances lead you to formula, you want to choose one with as many health benefits and nutrients as possible to foster your child’s growth and development. With plenty of healthy fats, proteins and carbs and without any GMOs or added sweeteners (only lactose, same as breast milk), Enspire continues to be a favorite.

What We Love

  • Enspire closely mimics breast milk thanks to two ingredients: MFGM, which is important for brain development, and lactoferrin, which boosts the immune system
  • What it doesn’t have is corn maltodextrin, a common sweetening agent found in other formulas
  • Prebiotics and probiotics make it easy for even the most sensitive of tiny tummies to digest, a top parent praise


Nutritious, easy-to-digest, and parent (and baby) approved, it’s easy to see why Enspire remains at the top of the category year-over-year.

Buy it: $40/20.5 oz., Enfamil.com


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