Best Baby Wipes: Parasol Baby Wipes

Strong enough to handle any mess—and gentle enough to be used on both sets of cheeks.
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April 9, 2021
Parasol baby wipes
Image: Parasol
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Babies are a messy bunch, and a good wipe is a godsend when it comes to cleaning up messes from head to toe. With newcomer Parasol, there’s rarely a cleanup that can’t be tackled with just one of its single, soft, natural wipes—making it our pick over age-old favorites.

What We Love

  • Ultra-thick and covering a large surface area, these wipes can clean up even the most disgusting messes in one fell swoop (with no risk of fingers poking through)
  • The all-natural wipes are infused with chamomile, aloe vera and cucumber to soothe and soften baby’s skin—never irritate
  • The softness is comparable to a washcloth, making wiping baby as painless as possible


Parasol’s size, softness and simple ingredient list makes these wipes a natural (literally) choice for parents. You’ll pay a premium for these wipes, but you’ll end up using less—canceling out the added cost.

Buy it: $26/288 wipes,


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