Best Diaper Pail: Ubbi Diaper Pail

Taking the stink out of stinky diapers.
ByThe Bump Editors
Jun 2018
Ubbi diaper pail
Photo: Ubbi

A diaper pail is so much more than a glorified trash can; it keeps your home from smelling like a dirty diaper and prevents you from having to take the trash out every time your little one creates a gag-worthy poop (which happens more often than not). In terms of heavy-duty stench protection, the Ubbi reigns supreme—but that’s not the only reason we love it.

What We Love

  • Plastic diaper pails absorb smells, defeating their anti-odor purpose—but the Ubbi is made of non-porous stainless steel, meaning no smells stick around
  • The Ubbi works with regular trash bags, saving you money on specific liners
  • A childproof lock keeps little hands and unwanted visitors out
  • It holds up to 50 diapers (disposable or cloth), saving you trips out to the trash or the laundry room


The Ubbi saves you time and money while neutralizing and repelling smells, making this diaper pail a no brainer.

Buy it: $70,


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