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Too-Cute Store-Bought Halloween Costumes

Already feeling haunted by baby’s Halloween costume? It’s totally okay if 'DIY' is not in your new-mom dictionary, because the retail world has you covered—for the next 18 Halloween holidays to come (no joke). And being resourceful is the kind of parenting we can get behind. Here, the 12 cutest Halloween costumes money can buy.

Fire Chief

Sound the cute alarm! Suspenders and all, this knit fireman costume is a guaranteed to be the hottest costume on the block.

Buy it: $55, Etsy.com


Anna from Frozen

Had enough of Elsa but still riding the Frozen wave? Mix things up with a Princess Anna costume. Sure, it’s not the first time in forever a little girl’s rocked a princess costume, but you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Buy it: $27, Etsy.com


Wonder Woman

Step aside, Superman and Captain America. Girl power starts early this Halloween.

Buy it: $20, PartyCity.com


Garden Gnome

Good for so much more than garden decor, gnomes make for easy costumes and instant laughs. Beards are absolutely essential.

Buy it: $13, Etsy.com



Who needs the other two little pigs when this one has cute covered all by herself? Plus, bubble suits like this one are warm, toasty and perfect for layering if you’re trick-or-treating gets chilly.

Buy it: $40, ToysRUs.com



It’s all in the details with this clever newborn costume, complete with embroidered eyes, crocheted paws and an attached tail and ears.

Buy it: $50, PartyCity.com


Train Conductor

We are so onboard with this costume. The best part? Even after his conductor duties are done, those overalls can be worn again and again.

Buy it: $24, Etsy.com


Baby Chef

It’s only right that your picky eater should masquerade as a food connoisseur—at least for a night, right?

Buy it: $39, Etsy.com


Where the Wild Things Are

Let the wild rumpus start! This super-soft jumpsuit makes for the cutest monster Max.

Buy it: $35, PartyCity.com


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

While the very sleepy caterpillar might be a more appropriate title, this knit cocoon is perfect for a newborn.

Buy it: $43, Etsy.com


Candy Corn

Festive and frilly, this pretty candy corn dress is even sweeter than the real thing—with no toothache or cavity worries for adults.

Buy it: $58, Etsy.com



This dragon costume is scary functional: Those wings are actually part of a blanket so your he can cozy up when the fire-breathing fun is over.

Buy it: $40, PartyCity.com