The 2019 Best of Baby Award Winner for Top Swaddle

It's easy to use and hard for baby to break out of.
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Updated April 16, 2019
the ollie world baby swaddle
Image: The Ollie World
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And the Winner Is: The Ollie Swaddle

Life outside the womb can be a little rough at first. After all, baby had a perfectly warm, cozy place to hang out. For many infants, swaddling can offer amazing soothing powers, since it helps recreate that snug environment and help tamp down their startle reflex. But even little ones who enjoy the gentle pressure of a swaddle can prove to be mini Houdinis, escaping the tightest of wraps (and upset themselves in the process). Enter the Ollie: a swaddle that’s easy to use and hard for baby to break out of. It may cost a pretty penny, but trust us, for a better night’s sleep, it’s worth it.

What We Love

  • With a traditional swaddle blanket, perfecting your swaddling technique can prove tougher than you’d expect. Thanks to the Ollie’s Velcro closure, nailing the proper wrap—and making sure it stays in place—is a breeze
  • The soft, stretchy fabric lets you get a tight, customized fit for baby while still promoting healthy hip development; plus, the moisture-wicking material prevents overheating
  • The bottom of the swaddle stays loose with only an elastic band keeping the fabric together, providing easy access during middle-of-the-night diaper changes
  • As baby gets older, the Ollie can be used to swaddle with arms in or out

Buy it: $65,

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