ZoLi Baby Chubby Gummy wins the 2017 Best of Baby Award from The Bump
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The Bump Editors

Best Teether: ZoLi Baby Chubby Gummy

Here's one to chew on.

From wooden and mesh to rubber, there are a whole lot of teethers out there for babies to gnaw on. They’ll make their preference clear pretty quickly, but how do you know which ones to try? Start with ZoLi. This rubber teether doubles as an intro to a toothbrush—because good dental hygiene can start when teething does.


  • The wide handle is easy for little hands to grip and long enough to reach emerging molars
  • Don’t worry; baby can’t reach too far back. An anti-choke shield prevents that from happening
  • The textured rubber is BPA & phthalate free


When baby’s teething, you’ll both need relief. This is the closest you’ll get to immediate gratification.

Price: $12/2 ct.


Photo: ZoLi
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