22 Best Adaptive and Wheelchair Costumes for Tots and Kids

Equal parts spooky, sweet and accessible, these adaptive costumes are sure to be a big hit this Halloween.
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By Emma O'Regan-Reidy, Associate E-Commerce Editor
Updated September 4, 2023
Adaptive Halloween Costume Hero
Image: Disney
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October 31st is just around the corner, which means Halloween outfit shopping is in full swing. If you’re the parent of a toddler or child who needs a sensory-friendly outfit or wheelchair costume, you may have had to DIY your kiddo’s costumes in years past. Luckily, adaptive costumes for kids have come a long way recently. From soft, colorful jumpsuits to too-cool wheelchair covers, you’re sure to find a perfect fit for your little love below. Here, browse our favorite adaptive and wheelchair costumes of the season—plus, check out expert-backed advice and shopping tips to streamline your search.

What Is an Adaptive or Wheelchair Costume?

First things first: What makes a Halloween costume adaptive or wheelchair-friendly? Overall, they’re a “thoughtful and practical solution to make dressing up and participating in events more inclusive for individuals with specific needs,” explains Tara Cortner, president and general manager of Disguise. She continues: “It allows them to fully enjoy the festivities while maintaining their comfort and accessibility.” As a result, adaptive costumes are outfitted with accessibility features—such as discreet openings for feeding tubes or medical devices, or silhouettes intended for those who use wheelchairs, aren’t ambulatory or may spend a lot of time seated or lying down. This way, children of all ability levels can enjoy trick-or-treating to the fullest.

According to Jana Sarno, BCBA, a board-certified behavior analyst and the chief clinical officer of Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers, “adaptive costumes may look different for each person, as each individual has their own specific needs and preferences, and what works for one child may not work for another.” With this in mind, consider your child’s specific needs to find the perfect Halloween costume that’s true to them.

What To Look For in an Adaptive or Wheelchair Costume

As you scroll through adaptive and wheelchair costume ideas for your kiddo, keep the following expert-backed advice in mind:

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  • Comfortable materials. “Comfort is key,” says Sarno. She recommends opting for lightweight, soft materials that aren’t itchy. In addition to fabric, Cortner reminds parents to “take a look at size charts to ensure the costume fits.”
  • Accessible, discreet openings for medical devices. For children who require medical devices, feeding tubes or anything similar, choose an adaptive costume with discreet openings that are easily accessible. You’ll also want to “make sure the openings provide easy access from a seated position and avoid complicated fasteners or buttons,” advises Cortner.
  • Easy-on designs. Adaptive costumes are typically designed to ensure dressing and undressing are as seamless as possible. This is done by creating outfits with “arm sleeves and pant inseams that have hook and loop fasteners, ensuring secure and hassle-free opening and closing,” explains Cortner. Likewise, if your child uses a wheelchair or is working on independent dressing, options like these or with back openings could be a good fit, adds Sarno.
  • Alternative wheelchair, stroller and wagon covers. If your child isn’t ambulatory or needs frequent breaks, consider a cover for their wheels, rather than a standard costume, recommends Sarno. “Wheelchair covers are made from a stiff felt and come with six support bars, [which] can be inserted and attached to the cover using included fabric strips,” explains Cortner. These designs slot over the sides of the wheelchair, stroller or wagon, offering all the fun of a costume without having to get dressed up yourself.

If you can’t find what your child is looking for or needs in an adaptive costume, don’t feel limited. Sarno reminds parents that costumes can be modified to accommodate various ability levels. For instance, she says, “if your child has difficulties with costumes that have a face mask, consider removing the mask and opt for face paint.” She continues, “if they have difficulty with certain textures, get a costume that is a few sizes larger than their typical size to allow them to wear another layer of softer clothing underneath.” Ultimately, work with your kiddo to find a comfortable costume so that they can focus on having fun this Halloween!

Wheelchair Costume Safety Tips and Expert Advice

You’ll want to keep your child’s safety top of mind when choosing and while they’re wearing an adaptive or wheelchair costume. If your little one is using a wheelchair cover this Halloween, Cortner advises parents to “secure the product by leaving the wheel on the outside. Anything in the way of the wheel creates a hazard and caution should be taken.” This is especially true of costumes with capes, which shouldn’t cover the handles, and should be an appropriate length so that they don’t get caught in the wheels (and of course, as with any child’s costume, a cape shouldn’t fit tightly around your little one’s neck).

In addition to costume modifications, there are other ways you can make Halloween more comfortable for your child. After all, the holiday is a big change from their normal routine! One way you could do this would be to plan your trick-or-treating route in advance, suggests Sarno. As you do so, think of accessibility to the houses, well-lit paths and other safety concerns, she says. You could even create a fun map for your kiddo to hold on the night. Another idea Sarno offers parents is signage. For instance, “children with autism who are not vocal-verbal can hold up a sign that says “trick or treat” when visiting neighbors,” she says.

Best Places To Buy Adaptive and Wheelchair Costumes This Halloween

This year, you’ll probably be able to find standout, adaptive Halloween outfits at some of your go-to stores and brands. Here, check out the best online retailers for adaptive and wheelchair costumes:

  • Target. Sarno recommends checking out Target’s line of adaptive Halloween costumes for several reasons. “They are generally affordable and have different options for customization, as families can choose to solely decorate the wheelchair or incorporate it into the overall design,” she says. On their website, you’ll also find dedicated pages for toddler and kids’ adaptive costumes to make your search even easier.
  • Disney. If your kiddo is dreaming of dressing up as one of their favorite movie characters this Halloween, Disney’s online store has got you covered. The retailer offers a range of adaptive and sensory-friendly bodysuits for children, as well as themed wheelchair covers for extra fun.
  • is another dependable option for adaptive or wheelchair costumes. Whether you’re searching for cool character outfits, fun wheelchair covers or anything in between, you’re sure to find what your little one is looking for here.

Best Adaptive and Wheelchair Costumes for Toddlers

Soft, functional and oh-so-cute, these adaptive and wheelchair costumes for toddlers check all of the boxes on our list—and then some. From sweet animal-inspired jumpsuits to character-themed apparel, there’s something for every tot in this roundup. Below, discover our favorites available to shop now.

Shark toddler costume

Hyde & EEK! Toddler Adaptive Shark Halloween Costume Jumpsuit
Image: Target
Buying Options

First up on our list is this top-notch shark wheelchair costume for tots. The bright-blue jumpsuit has been thoughtfully designed with hidden openings for medical devices—plus, it has a side opening that makes it easy to put on while seated. Your little one will love all the fun details this Halloween costume has to offer, like the detachable fin, tail and hood.

Sizes: 2T-3T to 4T-5T | Material: 100% polyester

PAW Patrol adaptive outfit

If your little one is a fan of PAW Patrol, this adaptive Halloween costume is sure to be a big hit. When wearing the soft velour jumpsuit and matching foam hat, your kiddo will look just like a member of their favorite rescue team. Accessibility highlights include the arm sleeve, abdominal and pant inseam openings to make getting dressed a breeze.

Sizes: 2T to 4/6 | Material: 100% polyester

Glow-in-the-dark adaptive costume

Hyde & EEK! Toddler Adaptive Glow in the Dark Crocodile Halloween Costume Jumpsuit
Image: Target
Buying Options

Get ready for loads of smiles as your tot trick-or-treats in this adaptive jumpsuit. The cool glow-in-dark design is sure to delight them, and it’s made from soft, lightweight fabric to keep them comfortable. Better yet, details like the hidden functional opening and back hook-and-loop closure for easy dressing make this a top-notch wheelchair costume to boot.

Sizes: 2T-3T to 4T-5T | Material: 100% polyester

Organic cotton Halloween pajamas

Burt’s Bees Baby Spider Webs Organic Cotton Matching Pajamas
Image: Old Navy

While they aren’t technically an adaptive costume, these Halloween-themed pajamas are a great option for tots who want to be super cozy on the big night. The seasonal color scheme and spider web print are sure to get your little one in the holiday spirit, while also ensuring they’re comfortable. Another highlight: They’re made from 100 percent organic cotton that’s soft and durable, so they’ll last for many slumbers to come. Not a fan of spiders? A trick-or-treat-inspired pattern is also available.

Sizes: Newborn to 12 years | Material: 100% cotton

Plush unicorn jumpsuit for toddlers

Hyde & EEK! Boutique Toddler Adaptive Plush Unicorn Halloween Costume Jumpsuit
Image: Target
Buying Options

Unicorn costumes are a Halloween staple for tots, so it’s no surprise that this option is on our list. The fuzzy, pastel-colored jumpsuit comes with detachable wings and a tail, as well as a hood with glittering ears and a shining unicorn horn, of course. Sensory-friendly features include functional openings and a side zipper for straightforward dressing and access to medical devices.

Sizes: 2T-3T to 4T-5T | Material: 100% polyester

Mermaid-themed wheelchair costume

Disney The Little Mermaid Adaptive Wheelchair Wrap
Image: Disney
Buying Options

With the release of the new The Little Mermaid film earlier this year, Arielle-inspired outfits are sure to be a favorite this spooky season. We’re fans of this sweet wheelchair costume that comes as a colorful nine-piece set. It includes a variety of decals that can be attached to support bars and wheels. Just note that these decals are only intended for manual wheelchairs.

Sizes: OS | Material: 90% polyester/5% nylon/4% iron/1% copper

Llama costume for tots

Hyde & EEK! Toddler Adaptive Llama Halloween Costume Jumpsuit
Image: Target
Buying Options

Fuzzy, colorful and accessibility-friendly, this pick checks all of the boxes on our list when it comes to adaptive costumes for toddlers. The sweet llama style has a full-length side zipper for straightforward dressing, and has an opening for abdominal access. What’s more, the hood zips on and off for your kiddo’s comfort.

Sizes: 2T-3T to 4T-5T | Material: 100% polyester

Buzz Lightyear wheelchair cover

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Wheelchair Cover Set by Disguise
Image: Halloween Costumes

With this wheelchair costume, your kiddo will feel like they can reach infinity and beyond. The easy-to-assemble set comes with two felt pieces and 16 supportive plastic pipes to keep everything in place as your child enjoys the holiday. You’ll also love how the hook-and-loop tabs allow you to adjust it to fit your little one’s chair. Note: These decals shouldn’t be used with electric wheelchairs or baby strollers.

Sizes: OS | Material: Felt, plastic

Sesame Street adaptive costume

 Disguise Sesame Street Toddler/Kid's Elmo Adaptive Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Sesame Street has been a favorite for generations, which is why we love this Elmo adaptive costume for toddlers. The jumpsuit is the friendly monster’s iconic red color and features a hood with his smiling face. What’s more, it’s been designed with multiple access openings to accommodate IV ports, catheters or abdominal feeding tubes.

Sizes: 3T-4T to 7/8 | Material: 100% polyester fleece

Best Adaptive and Wheelchair Costumes for Kids

Searching for adaptive or wheelchair costumes for slightly older kiddos? We have your back. Here, check out the best options for Halloween this year, ranging from superhero wheelchair covers to super-fun jumpsuits.

Disney princess dress

Disney Cinderella Adaptive Costume for Kids
Image: Disney
Buying Options

What Halloween costume roundup would be complete without a Disney princess option? This adaptive Cinderella dress will make your kiddo feel like the belle of the ball. The iconic gown is made up of a satin bodice, sheer, organza sleeves, a mesh skirt and, of course, plenty of glittering details. Highlights include the Velcro closure and an ankle-length silhouette to accommodate seated kids, to name a couple. An added bonus: If your child uses a wheelchair, there’s even a cover set to match—how sweet!

Sizes: S to XL | Material: Polyester

Spooky sweatshirt

H&M Bat Appliquéd Sweatshirt
Image: H&M
Buying Options

Here’s a simple yet spooky adaptive costume idea for tots: An appliquéd bat sweatshirt. The crew-neck style has a soft interior to keep your little love toasty as they trick-or-treat and a fun graphic on the front. However, the best part has to be the decorative bat wings under each arm. This sweatshirt isn’t technically adaptive, but it can easily be layered over your child’s favorite outfit or pajamas for a cozy, sensory-friendly Halloween costume.

Sizes: 2T to 8/10 | Material: 80% cotton/20% polyester

Elsa wheelchair costume

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Adaptive Costume for Kids
Image: Disney
Buying Options

Wheelchair costumes for kids aren’t just limited to seat covers and jumpsuits. Case in point: This adorable princess dress, inspired by Frozen 2. In front, you’ll find a shimmering skirt with glittering details—while at the back, there’s Velcro closure for simple dressing. Other accessibility-friendly features include the hidden front flap opening for tube access and the satin underskirt complete with comfortable slip-on pant legs.

Sizes: XS to XL | Material: Polyester

Pixar-inspired kids’ outfit

Toy Story Woody Adaptive Costume for Kids
Image: Disney
Buying Options

Yeehaw! This wheelchair costume will turn your little one into their favorite Pixar character this Halloween. It features all the details you know and love—like a cow-print vest, a shiny sheriff’s badge, a red bandana and even cool boot covers—all in one comfy, accessible outfit. The checkered shirt easily opens, thanks to Velcro closure at the back. Better yet, there are also openings built into the costume to accommodate dialysis pouches, tubes or any other medical devices your child uses.

Sizes: XS to XL | Material: N/A

Unique flamingo cape

Meri Meri Flamingo Cape Dress Up
Image: Maisonette

Instead of a full-bodysuit or wheelchair costume wrap, you could also opt for a cape—like this fun flamingo design from Meri Meri. The wings are made from three layers of tulle and are complete with wristbands so that they stay in place (no matter how giddy your little one is on October 31st). Top it all off with the glittering, embroidered headpiece to transform your little one into their favorite elegant bird in no time.

Sizes: 3-6 years | Material: Velvet, cotton, tulle

Transformers adaptive kids outfit

Disguise Kids Transformers Bumblebee Adaptive Costume
Image: Walmart

Calling all Transformers franchise fans: This is the Halloween costume for you. The Bumblebee-inspired jumpsuit is equipped not only with the autobot’s signature character details—but also has built-in arm sleeve, abdominal and pant inseam openings to accommodate kiddos of all needs and abilities. Plus, the hook-and-loop closure means getting ready for trick-or-treating will be a breeze.

Sizes: 4-6 to 7-8 | Material: 100% polyester

Shiny dragon dress-up cape

Great Pretenders Azure The Metallic Dragon Cape
Image: Maisonette
Buying Options

If your child can’t get enough of otherworldly animals, this dragon cape will be a surefire winner this Halloween. The metallic costume features a hood (complete with dramatic eyes, of course) and a flowing cape with a spiky tail. The open style allows easy access to medical devices or other necessities, and the high-quality design is sure to last for many playtimes to come.

Sizes: 3-4 to 5-6 years | Material: Polyester, foam

Mickey Mouse adaptive outfit

Mickey Mouse Adaptive Costume for Kids
Image: Halloween Costumes

This Disney jumpsuit is a classic, and would be perfect for a coordinated family costume! The Mickey Mouse adaptive outfit is made from soft velour to keep your little one comfy as they enjoy the holiday. What’s more, it’s been specifically designed to accommodate a variety of abilities, and has various, hidden openings to meet your child’s needs.

Sizes: 2T to 4/6 | Material: 100% polyester

Marvel kids’ wheelchair costume

Spider-Man Adaptive Costume for Kids
Image: Halloween Costumes

The best wheelchair costumes for kids are those that are equal parts fun and functional—just like this Spider-Man outfit. Equipped with several openings throughout, you and your child will be able to easily access any necessary medical devices—plus, the signature spidey design has Velcro closure for simple dressing. There’s no doubt your little love will feel like a superhero as soon as they put it on!

Sizes: XS to XL | Material: Polyester

Soft, spooky cape

H&M Velour Bat Cape
Image: H&M
Buying Options

Parents on the hunt for an adaptive costume that their kiddo can use for Halloween, playing dress up or anything in between will love this soft velour cape from H&M. Resembling a spooky bat, it features a hood with ears and teeth, as well as a hook-and-loop closure to keep everything in place. An added bonus: It’s a budget-friendly option to boot.

Sizes: 5T/10 | Material: Polyester

Adaptive dinosaur outfit

Disguise Official Adaptive Jurassic Park T-Rex Costume Jumpsuit for Kids
Image: Amazon
Buying Options
Amazon|From $36.11

Dino-obsessed kids are sure to have heart eyes for this next wheelchair costume. Accessible features range from the hidden, built-in openings to the user-friendly Velcro closures. The result? A totally roar-some, and adaptive-friendly, costume for kiddos.

Sizes: 4-6 to 10-12 | Material:

Superhero wheelchair costume

Disguise Adaptive Batman Wheelchair Cover Costume
Image: Halloween Costumes

Your little one already is a superhero in your eyes, but with this cool wheelchair costume, they’ll feel even more the part. It resembles Batman’s iconic Batmobile, and comes with plastic support rods for added stability. Just keep in mind that this costume should only be used with a manual wheelchair.

Sizes: OS | Material: Card backing and felt

Accessible Minnie Mouse outfit for kids

Disguise Official Adaptive Disney Minnie Costume with Accessibility Features
Image: Target

Last but certainly not least is our favorite adaptive Minnie Mouse costume for kids. The sweet dress features a velour bodice, a satin, polka-dot skirt and a bow adorned with the iconic mouse herself—all in pink, of course! To top it all off, it comes with a pair of ears—plus, there are back abdominal openings for added ease and comfort.

Sizes: 3T-4T to 7-8 | Material: 100% polyester

How We Chose the Best Adaptive and Wheelchair Costumes for Kids

We know that finding a Halloween costume that meets your child’s unique needs can be a challenge. That’s why our goal was to do the bulk of the research for you, so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through online retailers. We browsed dozens of options from leading kids’ brands and trusted online retailers, and considered a list of criteria when sourcing costumes, like material, size options, accessibility features and price point, to name a few. We also read user reviews to get the lowdown on how these products have worked for real kiddos, and didn’t consider anything with less than an average four-star rating.

Last but not least, to ensure we’re highlighting the very best adaptive costumes, we chatted with the president of a leading Halloween costume company and a behavioral analyst. This way, we know what essential features and safety considerations to keep top of mind when you’re shopping (and trick-or-treating!).

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here.


Tara Cortner, is the president and general manager of Disguise, a company specializing in costumes for all ages and abilities.

Jana Sarno, BCBA, is a board-certified behavior analyst and the chief clinical officer of Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers. She has worked as the vice president of applied behavior analysis at North Shore Pediatric Therapy and as an infant development program administrator at Coyne & Associates Education Corp.

Learn how we keep our content accurate and up-to-date by reading our medical review and editorial process.

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